Labrador Museums & Heritage Websites
Below are two lists - the first is comprised of museums that are located throughout Labrador that you can visit. The second is comprised of Labrador Heritage Web sites that you can visit online.
Labrador Museums
  • Gateway Labrador:
    Gateway Labrador, located in Labrador City is home to the Ed Montague Exhibit Hall whose exhibits showcase 3,000 years of human habitation in Labrador West. The exhibit focuses on Labrador West's aboriginal inhabitants and the pioneers of the fur trading era and takes visitors beyond the mining history of the region.
  • Labrador Heritage Museum:
    The Labrador Heritage Museum, located in North West River, has developed a website with digital images of many of the artifacts in their museum. The Labrador Heritage Society was formed in 1973 to preserve, protect and promote the rich culture and heritage of Labrador's history and its people.
  • Labrador Straits Museum:
    Located in the heart of the Labrador Straits, between the communities of Forteau and L'Anse au Loup, stands a tribute to local heritage and culture - the Labrador Straits Museum. Created and managed by the Southern Labrador Women's Institute, this museum was built in 1978 with the goal of highlighting the local way of life over the last one hundred and fifty years. Through its exhibits and artifacts, a story is told of how local communities have developed and how lifestyles have changed over time.
  • Point Amour Lighthouse:
    The Point Amour Lighthouse stands tall amid limestone cliffs near the small, historically significant community of L'Anse Amour, on the south coast of Labrador. Dating back to the 1850s, the Point Amour Lightstation has figured prominently in the lives of the people of Southern Labrador for nearly one and a half centuries. Composed of several buildings, it has been partially restored to the period of its original construction, and designated as a Provincial Historic Site. An extensive series of exhibits that portray the rich maritime history of the Labrador Straits are housed in this historical structure.
  • Red Bay Heritage Group:
    In the community of Red Bay, Labrador, a region known for its rich historical and cultural value, there exists an organization whose mandate is to protect and preserve the distinctive resources of the place they call home. Created in 1996, the Red Bay Heritage Group was formed in partnership with the Red Bay Community Council and the provincial Department of Tourism. In attempt to give back to the community a sense of pride relating to the culture upon which it is based, the Red Bay Heritage Group has initiated and been involved with the restoration of a 19th centry cemetary, development of a community museum, development of a community library and a Red Bay community walking tour featuring many local historic sites.
  • White Elephant Museum:
    The White Elephant Museum is located in Makkovik on the North Coast of Labrador. Their website showcases information from the museum including information about the community, the history of the Moravian Church in Makkovik, the missionary John Christian Erhardt and the archaeological dig at the Adlavik Islands.
  • Women's Work, Coastal Heritage Collection:
    This website is about the changing roles of women in the workplace in the Labrador Straits, in the latter half of the 20th century. In their stories women tell us about their work in the home, in the fishery, in health, education, business and the community. You can listen to interviews, read transcripts and see photos collected by the project.

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