Discover a fascinating traditional and contemporary culture through folklore, craft, art and music
Culture in its largest sense refers to a whole way of life, those elements of daily life which are learned and acquired by its members. The word is also used to designate a particular group or civilization which shares distinctive traits, enabling it to be identified as separate from other groups.

Culture is learned through daily interactions as well as through political, religious and educational conventions, and it is these aspects of ordinary life that we are considering in this selection of information on Labrador culture. Language, music, folklore and oral history all contribute to the richness of life but exist also as the bedrock on which a society is founded.

Considering the multiple as well as collective cultures of Labrador helps the reader to understand the ways in which our society has developed, the history of work, travel and communication, the production of expressive forms of culture, and the value system underlying all these activities.
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