Labrador Crafts
Content provided by: Jim Spearing, Craft Development Specialist, Dept. of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
Labrador teadoll
Labrador has a rich diverse culture comprised of Inuit, Innu, Metis and Settler with a strong European influence. The high quality crafts clearly depicts the origin of culture.

Most fine handcrafted work from Labrador especially the traditional pieces display endurance and strength. Those were qualities required to live in a harsh, hostile climate. The workmanship also shows warmth and hunting techniques that were sewed and carved into masterpieces out of necessity to denounce idle time. Tea dolls transported the Innu tea supply. Whale carvings helped refine the hunting skills, inukshuks, hide and duffle sewing helped the Inuit keep in close touch with survival. White canvas clothing helped hunters blend into the frozen landscape and protected all people against the biting winds.

Along with improved technology and transportation comes a new wave of contemporary designs and products in jewelry, pottery and apparel, that are sometimes incorporated with traditional designs for distinct interest or the contemporary designs are worked into intricate one-of-kind crafts that still speak so much of Labrador's history and it's people.

Lifestyles change, the once necessity products are now sought after as fashion, decor or keepsakes. You will find some level of craft production throughout Labrador. One guarantee that can be made whatever craft you chose to take home will bring you a lifetime of warm memories from a land that's still pristine in all its natural beauty.
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