å  - 


å       Stop! (command to dogs)., Ouch!, Yes.

ågiak Upper back and shoulders (=tagig‰k, the front legs, front flippers together with kiasik, the shoulder blades from seal and sea game). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

åh‰k   Vagina. n. åh‰kkik! Darn you!

åha   Yes, yes! åha tagga Yes I understand, that's understandable, there you are Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

åhail‰   Yes, Certainly. I am in complete agreement.

åhale Must it be? Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

åhammagik   Certainly. åhammageng? Are you certain? Is that true?

åhatok I hope so! I hope that will Come true.

åjugak Crack in harbour ice. n. åjugammut nakkasimalauttuk. He had fallen in a crack in the ice.

åk     Give. v. Laugh hysterically or for a long while. v. Not being able to catch one's breath, especially after crying. v. ågok. Give it to him. åjausimajut motakkut. They were brought over by boat. ålikKaujuk, unikkautigakku. He couldn't stop laughing when I told him about it. Nutagak ‰littuk, tunungagut patigok. The baby can't catch his breath; slap him on the back.

åkKigasupp‰   Does what is needed to cure him or to repair it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

åkKigisurpait Puts them in order (part of a jigsaw puzzle, cards ect). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

åkKik   Fix. v. Cure. v. Become well. v. åkKivauk. He fixed it. åkKiv‰? Is he well now? åkKiumiv‰? Is he feeling better now? åkKisuttaujuk. It is being repaired. åkKitaujuk. It is fixed.

åkKisik Fix something. v. Repair. v. åkKisigasuajuk motak‰mminik. He is trying to fix his car.

åkKisuik Prepare. v. åkKisuilaugit niKitsanik. Get our dinner ready.

åkKitik Cure by massaging. v. An‰nsiaga ‰kKitigilluasuak. My grandmother is very good at massaging.

åkKitipp‰ Does what is needed to cure him or to repair it, she arranges it, puts it in order, repairs it, cure hime, also she puts dog harness in order before leaving. årKituk It is healed (arranged repaired, put in order or corrected) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

ålluanguak   Spotted whale (Narwhal, Monodon monoceros). n. Ref: Murphy

ålluasiak Jumper (White-Beaked Dolphin, Lagenorhynchus albriostris). n. Inuit dance. n. ålluasiapmattanga mamattusuak. Jumper skin is very tasty. ålluasiannguajut. They are dancing like jumpers playing in water.

ålluk Look up. v. Swordfish (male), thrasher (female) (Killer whale, Orcinus orca)(n.). n. ålluvuk. He looked up. ålluangajuk. He is looking up at you.

åmaik   Drunk. v. åmailikKunga. I am now drunk. åmaiven? Are you drunk?

ån‰dlik   Trout (Brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis). n. ånadlileng? Does it have any brook trout?

ånak   Grandmother on father's side. n. ånaga ningiungulittuk. My grandmother is old now.

ång   Yes. å‑h‰ng? Is that true?

ånguak   Amulet. n.

åni   At the south., South. ånejuk. It is over there (south).

ånnguak   Present. n. Uva ‰nnguanik piutsangituk. He doesn't like my present.

ånniak Be in pain. v. Pain. n. Sore. n. ånniaven? Are you in pain? ånnialik ilummini. He has a pain or sore inside his body (i.e. cancer).

ånniasiupvik   Hospital. n. Nursing station. n. ånniasiupvimejuk. He is in the hospital.

ånniasiutik   Doctor. n. Medicine. n. ånniasiutilialaugaluattuk. He did go and see a doctor. Kanimmasik tainna ‰nniasiutiKanngituk. There is no cure for that sickness.

ånnik   Hurt. v. ånniven? Did you hurt? ånnitailiKattagit. Be careful; don't hurt yourself.

ånnitik   Beat a person. v. ånnitilauguk. Give him a beating or spanking for being bad.

åppale Apple, a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais

åset As usual. it can't be helped. KaikKaujuk ‰set. He came as he usually does. åset nakungajuk. It can't be helped.

åsivak   Spider. n. Ref: Watts

åtsik   Give. v. Bring to someone. v. åtsiv‰? Did he give her some? åtsiniakKutit puijivinimmik. Bring her some seal meat later.

åtsinguak Give a gift on a special occasion. v. åtsinguajuk tigumiamminut. He gives a gift to his godmother.

åtsuk I don't know. åtsumarik. I really don't know.

åtsup‰ Finishes, polished the thong he is working on. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

åttaliak Between 7 and 8 o'clock. åttaliami tikikKaujuk. He came between 7 and 8 o'clock.

åttat   Eight. åttanik Kaitsilaugit. Give me eight of them.

åttuk Skin an animal, the curing and cleaing process. v. åttugiak immaK‰ ajunnatuk. Skinning an animal, such as a fox, must be very difficult work.

A  -  a


A-ngik Hound (Old Squaw, Long-tailed duck, Clangula hyemalis). n. Ref: Watts

A-a-‰k   Hen. n. A‑a‑‰t Nigikkatauvan? Have the hens been fed?

Adlak Black bear (Ursus americanus). n. Adlamik mikigiattisisimajuk. He has caught a black bear in his trap. Adl‰gak. Black bear cub.

Adlavinik Black bear meat. n. Adlavinittusonguven? Can you eat black bear meat?

Agg‰gu Next year. n. Agg‰gu skidoo‑tsal‰kKunga. Next year, I will get a skidoo.

Agg‰guagu In two years. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Agg‰k   Placenta, envelope of the foetus. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Agg‰ni Last year. Agg‰ni tigiganniaKatsialaungilak. Last year there weren't very many foxes around.

Agg‰nits‰k Year before last. Agganits‰k nolauttut.

Aggaj‰k Glove. n. Aggaj‰liulaulakKama. Knit me a pair of gloves sometime.

Aggak   Dig. v. Hand. n. Kimmialuvut pattini aggasimajuk. Our old dog has been digging holes in our front yard.

Aggappuk Voracious, eats rapidly. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Aggasiutik   Hand lotion. n. Ref: Dorais

Aggek   Ice duck (Old Squaw, Long-tailed duck, Clangula hyemalis)? Ref: Peacock

Aggetuk Moves it slowly, irregularly. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Agguik Cut up. v. Deal cards. v. NiaKojat samik agguilaugit. Cut up some bread. Agguigiamik Kaujimangituk. He doesn't know how to deal the cards.

Agguk   Go against a head wind. v. Aggujut. They are going against the wind.

Aggunak    Headwind. n. Aggunammongituk. Don't head against the wind.

Agiagusijak   Play the violin. v. Agiagusijalimmat, nukkangagunnangiKattajut. When he plays the violin, my feet can't keep still.

Agiagutik Violin. n. Agiagutik tusannituk. The violin makes good music. Agiagutik agiak. Violin bow.

Agiak File for sharpening tools. n. File. v. Lower belly, pubis of an man beast or fish. (see n‰k). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Agiattausimajuk. If I had a file, I would sharpen it. It has been filed.

Agiattojak   Eskimo curlew (numenius borealis) (a small shore bird that once numbered in the millions, it's now an endangered species not seen in Labrador for many years. Possibly extinct, although up to twenty may still remain other parts of north. The curlew used to breed in the Northwest Territories tundra. Every fall million flocked east to Ungava Bay then south along the Labrador coast on the way to south america for the summer. The bird was considered a delicacy and was hunted near extinction by the year 1900. Nests have not been found in more that 110 years. The curelew is pigdeon sized and easily confused with other larger shore birds like the appingik, (snipe), note different colours and slightly down turned beak). Ref: Peacock

Agiutsik Fed up with the same thing. v. Tired of or bored with something. v. Agiutsivunga t‰tsuming atsain‰lummik. I am tired of that same old thing. T‰nna piusik agiujaga. I am tired of that record.

Aglo Seal hole in the ice. n.

Aijaupiak Slink (spent or kelt salmon returning to the sea after spawning.). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Aik   Fetch. v. Sleeve. n. Place for the legs of a dog in a harness. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Aiga Kausilivuk. Go and fetch it. My sleeve got wet.

AikKavak Long sleeved mitten. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

AikKavaugak   Sealskin mitts without fur. n. Leather gloves. n. AikKavaug‰kka silami Kimannigakkit, Kimmitaunnikok. Because I left my sealskin mitts outdoors the dogs ate them.

Ailak Damp. v. Dampness on the ground from dew, fog or light rain, also sweat. n. Ukiungulimmat, illuvut ailainnaKattajuk. In the winter our house is always damp. Ailanninga takutsak Dampness is evident.

Ailvaliak   Between I0 and II o'clock. AilvalialikKuk; ilialigit. It's after ten o'clock; go to bed.

Ailvat Eleven; loan word from German. Ailvanik tikisaijuk. He is ordering eleven of them.

Ainnik Dirty. Ainnialunguna. It's dirty; don't touch it.

Ainsik   One o'clock; a loan word from German. Ainsivuk. It is one o'clock.

Ainsiliak   Between 12 and 1 o'clock. Ainsiliami takujaniakkugut . We will show the movie before 1 o'clock.

Aipajuk   Raw meat. n. Ref: Watts

Aippak Spouse. n. Other half of a pair. n. Aippalik. He is married. T‰nna pualuk aippaKanngitualuk. That mitt doesn't have a partner. It is odd. Aippaile? Where is your companion? Aippagek A couple. Ref: Watts

Aittak   Open your mouth. v. Aittatilauguk. Make him open his mouth.

Aittangautik Tongue depressor. n. Ref: Dorais

Aittauk   Yawn. v. Aittaujuk. He is yawning.

Aittuik Give out to many people. v. Uvannik aittuinginnatuk. He is always giving me something.

Aittuivik    Church festival called the love feast. AittuivilianiakKen? Are you going to the love feast?

Aittuk   Give. v. AittuKauv‰nga. He gave me some.

Aivik   Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus). n. Aivik kigutinganik pitaKavunga. I have a walrus tooth. Aivinniajut. They are hunting walruses.

Aivinniutik Harpoon. n.

Aj‰tsuk   Aunt on mother's side. n.

Ajagutak   Rainbow. n. Ajagutak tauttusiagittuk. The rainbow has nice colors.

Ajai Gee, ooh, ah, etc. Ajaig‰lunguna. What a bad person you are! Ajaitsiavak! How pretty it is! Ajaitlanguavin‰g‰luk. I am amused and shocked at your behaviour.

Ajak Shove. v. Aunt on mother's side. n. Ajakallajanga. He gave her a quick push. Ajaulauguk. Push on it. Ajagok. Give it a push.

Ajapp‰k Lean on something. v. Ajapp‰juk Kammamut. He is leaning on the wall. Ajappaviginiannagu minguatainnasimajuk. Don't lean on the newly painted pan.

Ajauppiak Cane. n. Ajauppialik KaKuttamik He has a white cane.

Ajuak Boil. n. Ulcer. n. Ajuanga K‰juk. His boil busted.

AjugaK‰gituk Almighty., Without comparison. AjugaK‰gituk Gotivut. Our God is almighty. Skidooga ajugaK‰ngituk. My skidoo is the best; there is none that can compart with it.

Ajugik Copy. v. Imitate. v. AjugituinnaKattaguvit ilinianngilatit. If you just copy someone's work, you won't learn how to do it yourself.

Ajuk   Unable to do something. v. Ajuttuk. He is unable to do it. Ajulunngitanga. He is quite capable of doing it. AjukKuk Can't Ref: Watts

AjuKittuijik Minister. n. Preacher. n. AjuKittuijukullumi Kanimajuk. The minister is sick today.

AjuKittuk Teach. v. Show. v. AjuKittulauguk tajaliugiamik. Teach her how to knit.

Ajulik   Collapse. v. Iggaviga ajulijualuk. My engine is completely dead. Tingijokkut tikitlagalualitlutik ajulisimajuk. Just as the plane was arriving, he died. Ajulivok. They collapsed.

Ajunnamat It can't be helped... Ref: Noggasak

Ajunnangipat If possible. Ajunnangipat Kaititsil‰kKutit. If possible, send me some.

Ajunnangituk It is simple. Ajunnaginngitaga. I find it very simple.

Ajunnatuk   It is very difficult. Ajunnagij‰n? Do you find it difficult? UKauttiugiak ajunnatuk. Being an interpreter is very difficult.

Ajutsak   Poor. v. Ajutsatuk. He is unable to support himself. Aullasimaliguvit, ajutsajoj‰l‰likkugut. When you are gone, it shall seem like we are poor.

Ajuttigivuk Dampens.

Akailutak In the way. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akaugiv‰   Finds him agreable. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akauvuk    It is good, fine practical. Akausivuk He improves (bodily mentally or spiritually) feels better (in a postive sense.) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akiagautik Stretcher. n. Wheel barrow. n. Akigautikkut

Akigannik   Opposing. Akigattusainatuk t‰nna uvannik. He opposes me all the time.

Akigartuppuk Resists. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akigiak   Pay back a wrong. v. Avenge. v. Piungigitolinnivinet Kangatuinnak akigiattaul‰ttuk At any time, you will be paid back for the wrongs that were committed.

Akigujotik   Shade. n.

Akiguk Branch. n. Twig. n. Knot in a tree. n. Akiguk ulimaniattaga. I am going to cut the branch with the axe.

Akik   Price. n. Answer. v. Kanuk akileng? What is the price? Akiv‰ten? Did he answer you?

Akikittuk Cheapest price. T‰nna akikinnip‰k. That is the cheapest.

Akilek Pay. v. Ukua akilegialikka. I have to pay for these things.

Akilik   Pay one person or for one thing. AkilittauKauvunga. I got paid today. AkiligiaKanngituk. It doesn't have to be paid.

Akilitsak   Loan. n. Bill. n. AkilitsaKapp‰vunga. I have a lot of bills to pay. Omunga akilitsaKaven? Do you owe this person money?

Akilitsasik Loan. v. Charge something. v. Akilitsasigumaven? Do you want a loan? Ukua akilitsasejakka. I charged these to my account.

Akilittauk   Paid. v. Kangalikiak akilittaul‰kKinga? I wonder when I will get paid.

Akimmituk Reflected by OR hits (rain, wind, sun). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akinitsivuk   Echo.

Akinnijattip‰   Reflects it (sunlight, light). v. Reflects heat. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akisuppuk   Light., Sun reflects its light or heat off... Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akitik   Pillow. n. AkitiKaven? Do you have a pillow?

Akitujuk   Expensive. Akitujogaluappat, pisiniattaga. I shall buy it even if it is expensive.

Akka   Here! take it! catch it!

Akkak   Uncle, on father's side. n. Akkagale? Where is my uncle?

Akkik   Harpoon point. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

AkKak Dive. v. Go down. v. Puijik akkav‰? Did the seal go down?

AkKalajuk Ant. n. AkKalajunuttatattuk. It is full of ants. AkKalajob manningit. Ant eggs.

AkKunak Storm. n. Stormy. v. AkKunammut pijausimajut. They were lost in a storm. AkKunatsivuk. It turned stormy.

AkKus‰k   Short stop. v. AkKus‰gal‰vunga. I am only making a short visit on my way elsewhere. Nainilialluta akKus‰l‰kKugut Hopedalimut. We shall make a short stop at Hopedale on our way to Nain.

AkKusinialuk Highway. n. Main road. n. AkKusinialuk takijuk. The highway is long.

AkKusinik Road. n. AkKusinimmi p‰llaKauvunga. I fell down on the road.

AkKutik Road. n. Path. n. Route. n. AkKutikkolaugit. Walk on the road. Upinngas‰mi akKutiKaKattangituk. In the early spring, there is no way to get across there.

Aklun‰k Rope; heavy line. n. Ref: Watts

Akpiujak   Strawberry. n. Ref: Murphy

Akuak   Outlet of pond.

Akuk Catch. v. Pattak akuvaga. I caught the ball.

Akulaittuk Frequent. N‰lautikkut akulaittumik tus‰ttauKattatuk. It is frequently heard over the radio.

Akuliak Nasal bone. n. Space between the eyes. n. Point of land, a raised promontory between two bays. AkuliakKutujutsuak His eyes are very far apart.

Akullik   In the middle., Middle child. n. Akullivutit. You are in the middle. Akullingani napv‰jaga. I found it mixed up with them. Akullip‰ The most centered.

Akunek   Gone a long time. v. Akunelittuk ‰nniasiupvimi. He has been at the hospital a long while.

Akungani Among. Akunganejuk. It is amongst them.

Akuni   For a long time. Akuni KinijalikKagit. I've been looking everywhere for you for a long time. AkuneniakKen? Will you be a long while?

AkuniKa   For a long time. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akunnasivuk   It is still undecided.

Akunnatuk Goes in, enters. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akunngani Between them, amid them, among them. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akutsik   Mix bread. v. Catch a ball. v. Bread dough. n. Akutsilaugit niaKojatsamik! You mix dough for bread! Akutsivuk pattamik. He caught the ball.

Akutsivik Pan for mixing dough. n. Akutsivigale? Where is my mixing pan?

Akuttatik Catcher in a ballgame. n. Akuttatiutsiangitualuk. He is a poor catcher.

Akuttuasippuk   Game where on marks traces in the frost snow to a rythmic song to define whether ... will happen: if the sequence concurs then the event will happen. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akuttuatittuk Act, speak at long intervals. v. Akuttuatippait She spaces out his words or deeds Akuttutut Those that are spaced out far from on another (in space or time) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Akuttujuk   Infrequent. Akuttujummi esiKattagialik. He has to take his pills every so often.

AKaguk Expect to leave. v. AKagujut Nainiliagiamik Kauppat. They are expecting to leave for Nain tomorrow.

AKiaguk   Stomach. n. Glutton. n. AKiagunga annialik. He has a stomach ulcer. AKiagualok. You glutton!

AKiak   Abdomen. n.

AKiggik Barrener or white partridge (rock ptarmigan, lagopus mutus). n. AKiggisiugiajuk. He is gone hunting barreners.

AKiggiKutik Chicken or turkey. n. Ref: Dorais

AKiggilik Spruce partridge (Canachites canadensis). n.

AKigginiutik   Partridge hawk (gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus). n. Ref: Murphy

AKiggivik Brooker or white partridge (willow ptarmigan, lagopus lagopus). n.

AKittuk Soft., Lead. n. AKittumik akitikkagumavunga. I want a soft pillow. AKittumut ‰kKigajakKotuk. I think it can be repaired with lead.

AKotik Tiller. n. Steering wheel. n. Rudder. n. AKotinga katasimalauttok. Their rudder fell off.

AKuk Steer a boat. v. stern of boat. n. AKulaugit. Steer the boat. AKumejuk. He is in the stern of the boat.

AKumiak Outboard motor. n. Ref: Dorais

AKumigok   Drive a speed boat. v. Speed boat. n. AKumigojut. They are in a speed boat. AKumigokkojut. They are going by speed boat. AKumigolik. He has a speed boat. AKumigolautsimaven? Have you ever ridden in a speed boat?

AKumik Go with the wind. v. AKumijut. They are going with the wind.

AKupivuk Animal squats. v. Dog curled up in a ball. v. Animal crouched to hide. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

AKupvik Cockpit. n. Ref: Dorais

AKutti Ships's pilot. n. Tiller person in an umiak. n. Driver of a car. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

AKuvippuk Squats.

Alak Sole of a shoe, boot. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Alakkak Appear. v. Nuvutannakut pujulik alakkaniattuk. The steamer will come in sight through Nuvutannak.

Alakkas‰jak Paper. n. Alakkas‰jak tittaivuk. The piece of paper blew away.

Alansi   Orange; a loan word from English. n. Grapefruit; a loan word from English. n. Lemon; a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais

Aliagik Like. v. Aliagijaga. I like it.

Alianai Pleasure.How pleasant it is.

Alianavuk Delightfull!

Alik Tear. v. Line made from dried sealskin. Aliv‰? Did it tear?

Alik Harpoon thong for a seal harpoon. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Alikkut   Object of derision. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Alikut   Translucent quartz. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Alingik   Had enough. v. Not wanting to do it again. Alingivunga ilinniatitsigasuagiamik Inuttut. I've had enough of trying to teach Inuttut; I never want to try again. Alingitt‰puk. He has had enough fights.

Alittik   Sock. n. Stocking. n. AlittiKaven? Are you wearing socks? AlittiK‰nngituk. She is not wearing stockings.

Alittuk Tear up. v. Atuagegunni alittuniakKatit. Tear it up when you finish reading it.

Aliv‰puk    Person retreats a little, goes away a little distance. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Alivasittuk Who is some distance. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

All‰k Straddle. v. Spread the legs out. v. Kimmik all‰ngajuk natimmi. The dog is on the floor with its legs open.

All‰kkatautik Round snow shoes used by Innu that oblige the wearer to swing his legs widely when walking. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

All‰luk   And even ... (at the start of a sentence, insistantly). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

All‰pp‰   Wiped it. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

All‰t   Even so. All‰t t‰nna. Even that one. All‰t Kuats‰mut kamill‰tlunga anisimakKauvunga. I had such a bad fright, I ran outdoors in bare feet.

Allagak   Letter. n. Allagalitauven? Did you receive a letter?

Allagutiagul‰k Hankerchief.

Allagutik   Sponge. n. Dish towel. n. Face cloth. n. Towel. Allagutinga paudlatuk. His dish towel needs washing (it's dirty, dusty). Allagutigaven? Do you have anything to wipe up this mess with?

Allait Books. n. Innu. n. Letters. n. Allaminik atuatsenatuk. He is always reading his books. Allait tikikKaujut. The Innu came. Allait tikikKaujuk. Your letters came. Atinga pingasunik allalik. His name has three letters.

Allak Write. v. Innu. n. Hymnbook. n. Drawings on a dickey. n. Letter in the alphabet. n. Allasonguven? Can you write? Summa allalautsimagunnaiKen? How come you never write anymore? Allauninga takutsak. It's obvious that he is Innu. AllaKanngimaidluni tutsiasualikKaujuk. She was singing away without a hymnbook. Allangit piujutsuat. Her embroidery is very well done. Allagok. Write it.

AllaKik   Nice, clear, sunny day. Kauppat allaKil‰kKuk. Tomorrow will be a nice, clear, sunny day.

Allanguak   Spotted whale (Narwhal, Monodon monoceros). n. Ref: Murphy

Allatalik    Bookcase. Ref: Dorais

Allatausimajunik unuksititsije     Publisher. Ref: Watts

Allatigik    Wipe dishes, etc. v. Allatigilaugit. Wipe the dishes. AllatigiutitsaKaven? Do you have something to wipe it with?

Allats‰ngotip‰   Change expression, to appear smiling. v. Change liturgical vestiment (colour). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Allausinga   Handwriting; a way of writing. Ref: Watts

Allautik Pen, pencil, chalk, etc. n.

Allavik Office. n. Office desk. n. Writing pad. n. Allavimmejuk. He is in the office. AllaviKatlalangatung. I wish I had a desk. AllaviKaven? Do you have a writing tablet?

Allavitsak Writing paper. n. Exercise book. n. AllavitsaKanngilanga . I don't have any writing paper.

Allig‰k Flooring or a rug. n. Ref: Watts

Alliguk   Lower jawbone. n. AlligungasiKumisimajuk. His jaw is broken.

Alligul‰juk His teeth chatter from cold. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Allik   At the bottom. n. Allip‰k piunipp‰k. The one on the bottom is the best one of them.

Allinik Mattress. n. Ref: Dorais

Allug‰vik Doormat. n. Ref: Dorais

Allugik   Doorstep. n. Ref: Watts

Alluk Take a step. v. Alluso‑on? Can you step across it?

Aluijak   Wipe the feet on something. v. AluijaniakKutit. Make sure you clean your boots before you go in.

Aluijapvik   Doormat, carpet. n. Aluijapvik itsutulauguk. Shake out the doormat.

Aluk   Sole. n. Deer's stomach insides. n. Snowmobile track. n. Dog paw. n. Alokka ippiniagunnaitok; lmmak‰ Kuajok. My soles are numb; maybe they are frozen. Tuttuk alunga mamattusuak. Deer's stomach is a delicacy.

AluKasijannik   White ice along shoreline just before freeze-up.

Alup‰k Lick out. Alup‰juk pogutamminik. It is licking its plate.

Aluts‰k   Eat soup. v. Soup. n. Bad ice. n. Jammimik aluts‰juk. He is spooning jam. Alutj‰ga suli onaluadlatuk. My soup is still too hot. Aluts‰g‰lutuinnak. The ice is like soup.

Alutsak   Patterns for footwear. n. Ref: Watts

Alutsautialuk Dessert spoon. n. AlutsautialuKavise? Do you have any dessert spoons?

Alutsautiatsuk   Teaspoon. n. Alutsautiatsuk tatallugu siugaujatt‰niakKat. Put in one teaspoon salt.

Alutsautik   Spoon. n.

Am‰gutik Anything used for carrying and infant on one's back. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Am‰k Carry a baby on the back. v. Edible root. n. Am‰janga. She is carrying him piggy back. Am‰nga pigulittuk. The root of the plant is now growing. Am‰nga ajuap pejaujuk. The root of the boil is taken out.

Am‰mailtak Brassiere. n. Am‰mailtaKaven? Are you wearing a brassiere?

Am‰mak    Suck the breast or bottle. v. Breast. n. Am‰majuk. She is sucking a bottle. Am‰maittausimajuk. She has had a breast removed.

Am‰mautik   Baby's bottle. n. Am‰mautingale nutaga‑um? Where is the baby's bottle?

Am‰miutak   Object carried in a baby's hood, Decorations on an amautik. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Am‰ttuajiv‰   Carries her baby for her. v. Am‰ttuap‰ She, he carries a baby on his, her back (to help the mother). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Amaguk Grey wolf (Canus lupus). n. Amagusimajuk. He has killed a wolf.

Amajak   Lance (Atlantic sand eel, Ammodytes americanus). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Amaulig‰k Snow bird (Snow bunting, plectrophenas nivalis). n. Ref: Murphy

Amaulik King eider (male, Somateria spectabilis). n. Male eider duck (c ommon eider, Somateria mollissima). Ref: Murphy Ref: Ittulak

Amautik Hood of a Kulitak for carrying a baby. n. Amautilinnik takulautsimagunnaiKugut. We never see baby-carrying hoods anymore. Amaummij‰p‰ He renmoves what she is carrying in her hood Nutagamik ammaummilep‰  She puts the baby in her hood. Amaummiliutiv‰ She puts an object in her hood. Amaummip‰ He carries him in and amautik. Amaut Hood of a female parka Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Amek? Goldeneye (barrow's goldeneye, Bucephala islandica). Ref: Ittulak Ref: Peacock

Amiakkuk   Leftovers. n. Anything that is left over. n. Left over. v. Amiakkunik kisiani niKitsaKavugut. All we have is leftovers. AmiakkutauniakKunga. Save some for me.

Amigaijaik Peel. v. Remove bark. v. k‰ttopalannik amigaijailaugit! Peel the potatoes! Alakkas‰jausaliuttauligamik amigaijattauKattajut Kijuit. In pulp manufacture the bark is removed from the wood.

Amigaittut   Numerous, there are many. Ref: Watts

Amigak   Short of things. v. Tree bark. n. Skin on fruit. n. Sunami amigavit‰? What are we short of? Amiganga pegialik. The bark must be removed.

Amigatsik Short of things. v. Ref: Noggasak

Amigik Find too small. v. Amigijai‑en? Is it too small for you?

Amik Human skin. n. Animal skin, pelt. n. Amejuk. He skinned himself.

Amisut School of seals. Amisuniajut. They are after a school of seals.

Amittasajak   Tin (material used to make cans). Ref: Dorais

Amittuk Narrow. AkKusinik amittuk. The road is narrow.

Amm‰ggaujak   Woven basket. n. Am‰ggaujaliusok. She knows how to weave baskets.

Amma   And., Also., Too. Ammalu. Give me some more. Amma una, ikajuttigimmijaga. This one is also my helper. Amma Inuttut ilinniatitsigasualigatta, uKumaittup‰ngugattamat. Also, when we're trying to teach Inuttut, it becomes very difficult.

Ammagituasuk Sea cucumber (cucumaria frondosa). n. Ref: Ittulak Ref: Jararuse

Ammaigutik Can opener. n. Ref: Dorais

Ammak   Open. v. Ammasimajugav‰? Is there one already open? Kummujuk ammalauguk! Open the tin! Kanga ammaniattung niuvipving? When will the store open?

Ammomajuk Clam (soft-shell clam, mya arenaria). n. Ammomajuttajuk. He is picking clams.

Ammut Downwards. Ammut iggalangajuk. He is looking downwards.

Amna That one, who is about to speak, who is far off, who is on the other side, who is to the north. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

AmuaKattautik Block and tackle. n. Umiavut kisiani amuaKattautimmut Kakitaugajattuk. Our boat can only be pulled ashore with a block and tackle.

Amujok   Chest of drawers. n. Amujommejuk alittekik. Your socks are in the drawer.

Amuk Pull out by the roots. v. Amulauguk. Pull it out by the roots. kigutinga amuttaugialik. Her tooth must be pulled out. Amuvuk. It has pulled apart.

Amusik   Parka made loose enough to hold a baby. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

An‰nak   Mother. n. An‰naga kamiliujuk. My mother is making a pair of skin boots.

An‰nanguak Step-mother. n. Ref: Watts

An‰nsiak   Grandmother on mother's side. n. An‰nsiaga Kanimapp‰juk. My grandmother is very ill.

An‰nsiatjus‰k   Great-grandmother on mother's side. n. Ref: Ben-Dor

Anagek   Shit fly. n. Ref: Igloliorte

Anagiattuvik Bathroom. n. Washroom. n. Toilet. n. Outhouse. n. Anagiattuvivut m‰ni. Our toilet is here.

Anajanattuk Delicate, fragile.

Anak   Pass feces. v. Feces. n. Anagunnangiven? Are you constipated? T‰kkua ukaliup anangit. Those are rabbit droppings.

Anakulojak   Mustard. n. Ref: Igloliorte

Ananauvuk Nice person, he is almighty.

Anangik Dirt fly. n. Ref: Igloliorte

Anauk   Hit something with an object. Kimmik anaulauguk. Hit the dog. Anauttauniannak. Don't get hit.

Anaullagak Drum. n. Ref: Dorais

Anautsagak   Hockey puck, ball. n. Ref: Dorais

Anautsak   Play ball. v. Suguset anautsanguajut. The children are playing Indian baseball.

Anautsautik Hockey stick. n. Baseball bat. n. Bowling pin. n. Ref: Dorais

Angajuk Girl's older sister. n. Boy's older brother. n. Angajuatsuga ullusiujuk. My older brother is having his day.

AngajukK‰k Boss. n. Leader. n. Parent. n. Chief. n. AngajukK‰savut. He will be our leader. Taikinna Allait angajukK‰nga. That man there is the chief of the Innu. AngajukK‰ngugasugilikKen? Do you think you're the boss.

Angak   Uncle, on mother's side. n.

Angakkuk   Sorcerer. n. Someone with spiritual powers. n. Hex. v. Bird through which the angakkuk communicates with the spiritual world. Suli angakkuKavuk silatsuami. There are still sorcerers in this world. Angakkutausimajuk. Someone cast a spell on him. Timmiakulummik angakkuKalauttuk. Her angakkuk was a little bird.

Angatsuk   Uncle, on mother's side. n. Ref: Noggasak

Angiggak   Home. Angiggav‰? Has he gone home? Did he come home?

Angijuk Big. Angijugusimajuk. It has grown bigger. Angiluadlatuk. It's too big. Angigijaga. I find it too big. Anginitsak. Bigger.

AngijukKauKatigek   Committee member., Coard member., Council member., Church elder. AngajukKauKatigenut ilittausimalittuk. He has been appointed a church elder.

Angik Agree. v. Say yes. v. Angiven? Do you agree? Angittauguma kisiani. Only if I am given permission.

AngiKak    Go home. v. Home. n. AngiKalittatok! I wish we were going home! AngiKaganngitukuluk. The poor thing, she has no home. AngiKami. At home.

AngiKatigek Make a deal. v. Agree to something. AngiKatigejok. They both agree to it. AngiKatigegutsi, taim‰k pil‰kKugut. If you all agree with that, that's what we will do.

Anginik Bigness of size. Angininga Kaujimanngitaga. I don't know how big it is.

Angittuk    Agrees; says yes. Ref: Watts

Angok   Accidentally defecate. v. Angosimajuk. He dirtied his pants.

Angotik   Propeller on a boat. n. AngotitsaKanngituk motavut. Our boat has no propeller.

Anguk   Kill a seal. v. Angusimajuk natsimik. He has killed a jar seal.

Angummatik   Catch up. v. Angummativuk uvannik. He caught up to me.

Angusalok   Young male animal; a young buck. n. Ref: Watts

Angusiak   Midwife's name for boys she has delivered. Ref: Ben-Dor

Angusivuk   Overtakes. v.

Angutik Male. n. Man. n. Husband. n. Una Kimmiagulak angutik. This puppy is male. Angutiugaluanguna. He is, in fact, a man. AngutiKaven? Do you have a husband?

Angutiksak FianceŽ (male).

Angutitsiak   Handsome male. NulettuKutinga angutitsiasuak. Her boyfriend is very handsome.

Anigotik Come out through. v. Tamauna anigotiso‑ong? Can it come out through that way? Ilulinga anigotisimalauttuk. The bullet came out through his body.

Aniguvuk Goes out through. v.

Anik   Go out. v. Brother of a girl. n. Anigiasiven? Are you going out now? AnikKujausimajuk. She was driven out. Anittailititaujuk. She is being kept from going out. Anigumanngituk. She doesn't want to go out. Aniga naukiak. My brother is somewhere; I don't know where he is.

Aninguak Step-brother of a girl.

Aninnegutik Lose breath. v. Aninnegutidluni, tikikKaujuk. He came all out of breath from running.

Aninnik Breath. n. Life. n. Aninniga nukKakas‰vuk. My breath nearly stopped. Motanga aninniKanngituk. The motor is completely dead. Aninnialuk God the great spirit.

Anippan‰ppuk   Deserves what he gets. Anippan‰ttaulauttuk. He was given what he deserved. Anippan‰mek! Good! He deserved it. He was asking for that. Anippanan‰pp‰juk He is delighted with his revenge on someone who made him suffer.

Anippattuk What is considered good, durable. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Anits‰k   Sigh. v. Anits‰tigasualauguk. Try to make him breathe. Anits‰p‰. I am out of breath. Anits‰ginnalittuk. He keeps sighing.

Anitsivik   Dump. n. Anitsivialuvut mamaittusuangulittuk. Our dump is really smelly now.

Anitt‰! Good! let's go out., Fortunately, just in time (used above all in negations, fortunate that we are not without game, did not drown ect.). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Anittaima Yes, just as I thought. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ann‰tuk Complain. v. Ann‰tuttaunguvunga. I am sick of your complaints.

Anna   That one (about whom one is about to speak) who is in the south. rel. assuma, pl. akua. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Annagek    Mating pair of animals. n. Ref: Watts

Annaik Miss a shot. v. Miss out on an opportunity. v. Annaivaga. I didn't get a shot at it. VoniKanngikaluamut, annaisimalaukKugut katimajunik. Because we didn't have a phone, we didn't hear about the meeting and so missed out on it.

Annak   Female., Woman. n. Wife. n. Annamik pigumangilanga. I don't want a bitch dog. Annangun‰? Is that a woman? Annat‰kas‰littuk. He is nearly getting married. Annaga takukKauv‰n? Did you see my wife?

AnnaKutik Midwife of a boy. Ref: Ben-Dor

Annaliak   Midwife's name for girls she has delivered. Ref: Ben-Dor

Annaligiak Bitch (female dog). n. Ref: Watts

Annalluk   Female animal. n. Ref: Watts

Annasiak   Pretty girl or woman. Annasiagitsuajaga. I find her very pretty. Annasiangunngimaittuk. She is not at all pretty.

Annasitsijuk Menstrates. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Annaviak   Female duck or bird. n.

Anngajugak   Pant. v. Kimmik Anngajugappuk kiatsiuppat. The dog pants because it is too warm.

Anngak   Niece. n.

Anngijivuk Conceals. v.

Anngilik    Pit of the stomach. n. Anngililigivuk He has a pain in the pit of his stomach

Anngiujak   Nail or bolt head. n. Ref: Dorais

Anngo   Don't touch. Don't do that.

Anngutik   Overtake. v. AnngutilikKuk sivullip‰mik. He is overtaking the first one. AnngutiniagunakKunga niuvipvimut. I wonder if I shall get there before the store closes.

Annguvik Poor.

Annigijaunik   Election. Ref: Dorais

Annigusuk Favour. v. Vote. v. Elect. v. Annigusuijaujuk Inunnut. He is the people's choice. Annigusuvunga ominga. I nominate her. AnnigusugiaKavugut. We must vote.

Annikippuk   Lasts a short time.

Annikittuk Ice skate. Ref: Dorais

Annug‰k   Put on clothing. v. Dress. n. Clothing. n. Imminik annug‰songulittuk. She can now dress herself. Annug‰kkaKattalaugit! Do wear a dress now and then! Annug‰tsiangitokuluk . She doesn't have much of a wardrobe. Annug‰k atajok. A slip.

Annug‰Kautik   Clothes closet. n. Annug‰KautiKalittatok! I wish for the day when we will have a clothes closet! Annug‰Kautimmejuk. It is in the closet.

Annug‰tsajak Cotton. n. Material for making dresses, etc. n. Annug‰tsajammik ilupiagutalik. The lining is cotton.

Annupuk   Sad.

Anug‰gutik   Ventilator. n. Ref: Dorais

Anugaulitak Windscreen. n. Ref: Watts

Anugautik   Wind breaker. n. Ref: Watts

Anugik Wind. n. Blow (wind). v. Anugimut tittausimajuk. The wind blew it away. Ippasak anugippap‰lilaukKuk. Yesterday the wind was blowing very hard. Anugik iluiggane. Winds blowing ohshore.

Anuguammij‰ttuk Blows in gusts. v.

Anuk Dog harness. n. Harness a dog. v. Anumminik kelisimajuk. He has been chewing on his harness. Anugasualauguk. Try to harness him.

Anuksak    Seal skin line used to harness a dog team. n. Ref: Watts

Apa   Horsehead (Grey seal, Halichoerus grypus). n. Apasimajuk. He got a grey seal. Ap‰gajuk. It's a grey seal pup.

Apakaivuk   Sees him unexpectedly. v. Apakaittausimakpaujuk anagiattusimadluni. Someone opened the outhouse door on him. Apag‰. I didn't expect that to happen.

Apigik   Ask. v. Apigilauguk Kanga tikil‰mmang‰t. Ask him when he will be back here again. Apitsujuk She asks for information. Apitsutuk He questions, interrogates. ApikKutik A question.

Apik Snowed in. v. Apivok. It is snowed in.

ApikKuin None of your business!

ApiKunik Over-curious person who asks too many questions. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Apitsuk   Question. v. Apitsutaunnguvunga. I am tired of being questioned.

App‰k   Go and notify. v. App‰laugit tikijunik. Go and tell them that they have arrived. App‰tituinnak. A person who is always gossipping.

Appak   Turre (Common murre, Uria algae). n. Turre (thick-billed murre,Uria lomvia). Ref: Brice-Bennett Appaluvinik taunani. There are a lot of turres down there.

Appaliatsuk   Bull birds (Dovekie, Alle alle). n. Appaliatsuit mamattusuat. Those bull birds are very tasty.

Appalik   Run. v. Appalillutit, uKautigiattulauguk. Run and tell him. Appalittutuk He makes several paces running (either tripping or gathering himself to jump)

Appalittupuk   Stumbles. v.

Appangik   Walk quickly. v. Appangijuk. He's walking fast. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Appik Bakeapple (Rubus chamaemorus). n. Appet aunigulittut. The bakeapples are getting ripe.

AppiKutik   Bakeapple plant before the fruit        is formed. n. Plant with leaves used to make herbal tea (Sibbaldia procumbens). n. Ref: Aichen

Appingik   Hudsonian curlew (whimbrell, numenius phaeopus). n. Snipe (common snipe, Gallinago gallinago)., woodcock (american woodcock, scolopax minor). Ref: Peacock Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

AppinnaKutik Stems and leaves of a bakeapple plant. n. Ref: Aichen

Appitsak Bakeapple plant in spring before they turn red. n. Ref: Aichen

Apuk   Bump. v. AputtauKaujuk Kamutimmut. He was bumped by the sled. Apuniannak! Don't bump into it!

Aputik Snow that has fallen. n. Ref: Noggasak

Aputiktatuk   Fetches snow to make water. v. Ref: Watts

Aputjauk   Buried in snow. v. Ukkuanga aputjausimajuk. His door is buried in snow and he can't get out.

Apvak Half., Part of., Half hour. n. Apvamik pigumaven? Do you want a half piece? Apvanganik Kaitsilaugit. Give me a part of it. Apvagutittait. Divided into two piles or groups. Ref: Watts Apvaguttuk Is half finished, half completed, half full. Ref: Watts

Apvaku Part of. Apvakumik Kaitsijuk. She gave me a half-empty pack.

Apviak Be in the way. v. Apviatlanak. Don't be in the way. Apvialut‰lutuinnak. It is only in the way.

Apvik Bow head whale (Balaena mysticus). n. Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) rare. n. Sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) males come north. n.

Apvitak   Go from place to place. v. Apvitajuk paitsijik. The nurse is going around town looking in on patients.

Asi    Other. Asileng? Is there another like it? AsiKanngituk. There is no other. There is no replacement. AsiKagiaKalatsingipp‰k He looks after only one thing. AsiKagiaKalatsingittuk He only looks after himself.

Asia Another. Asianik tigusingasaligit. Take another one instead. Upvalu asia. I thought it was a different one. Asianguvuk He is different, it is another or he is replaced.

Asiggup‰k   Takes another path, goes by another way. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Asiguk Destroyed. v. Perish at sea. v. Lost. v. ImmaK‰ asigusimalittut. Maybe they have died at sea. Paigitt‰sigukKunata! Protect us, lest we perish!

AsikKik Waste. v. kenaujammik asikKituinnalikKutit. You are only wasting money.

Asinevuk   Elsewhere from me.

Asinga Its other. The one different from this one.

Asinnepuk   At another place than me. He is with some one else, not me.

Asinniak   Commit adultery. v. Asinniajutsaungilatit. You should not commit adultery.

Asiujik Lose. v. Asiujiven? Have you lost something? Asiujiniannagu! Don't lose it!

Asiuk Disappear. v. Asiuv‰? Did it become lost? Asiuvuk. It disappeared.

Assut Caribou moss (cladonia rengiferina). n. Ref: Peacock

Asu   Is that so! I see.

At‰    Its under side. At‰sanejuk. It is below it. At‰sanga minguasimanngituk. The bottom is not painted.

At‰ppuk Has come down. v.

At‰tak   Father. n. Atataga angiKami. My father is at home. At‰. Dad. At‰taille? Where is your father?

At‰tanguak Step-father. n. Ref: Watts

At‰tsiajus‰k Great-grandfather. n. Ref: Ben-Dor

At‰tsiak Grandfather. n. At‰tsiag‰luga pisugunnagunnaituk. My old grandfather is too old and weak to walk.

At‰ttuk   Comes down from inland to the sea. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Atajok   Dress. n. Ref: Dorais

Atajualok One-piece long underwear (long johns). n. Ref: Dorais

Atak Connected. v. Related to. v. Joined on to something. v. Tatsumunga atajuk. It is connected to that part.

Atanigusik Governor. n. Atanigusivut tikil‰ttuk. Our lieutenant-governor will pay us a visit.

Atanik King. n. Queen. n. Atanivut tuKujugong. They say that our Queen is dead.

Ataniusik Want one's own way. v. Ataniusituinnajukulualuk. The child is spoiled and wants his own way.

Atanngusivuk Determined. v.

Atanniutivigiv‰.   Advises him. v.

Atatotik Truck. Atatotik ukiusiutik A tractor (with tracks) Ref: Dorais

Atausilik   Ace (in a deck of cards).

Atausiliugutik   Crochet needle. n. Atausiliugutinga saunimit sanajausimajuk. Her crochet needle is made from bone.

Atausiliuk   Crochet. v. Atausiliusimajuk. It is crocheted. Atausiliugiamik ilinniajuk. She is learning how to crochet.

Atautsik One. Atautsimiugaluappat. It doesn't matter even if it is only one. Atautsimeng? One?

Atautsikut   All together., All at once. Atautsikut tutsiagiasiniakKusi. Start singing at the same time. Atautsikogunnangituina‑Kai? Maybe they can't all go on the same one?

Atautsituinak Only one. Ref: Watts

Ate    Go ahead, keep on trying!

AteKai Come in; welcome to my home. Ref: Noggasak

Atigiappak   Sweater. Ref: Dorais

Atigik   n. Put on a parka. v. Atigiliuttanajuk. Someone is making a parka for him. Atigijuk. He is putting on his parka.

Atigitsak   Duffel. n. Ref: Dorais

Atigusik Surname. n. Ref: Watts

Atik Name. n. Put on clothes. v. Atinga Kaujimajan? Do you know his name? Atilauguk. Put it on.

Atinguak   Nickname. n. Ref: Watts

Atits‰k Come down. v. Atits‰pat uKautiniattaga. I shall tell him when he comes downstairs.

Atitsiak   Namesake. n. Good name. n. Atitsiaga inolipvilik. My namesake has a birthday. Atitsiag‰? Does she have the same name as me?

Atittuk Put on a lot of clothes. v. Atittus‰dlalauttuk . He hurried up and put on his clothes.

Atituvuk Deep.

Atjak Ash. n. Carry. v. Gun-powder. n. AtjaijagiaKagaluattaga. I really must take the ashes out of it. Atjaso‑on? Can you carry it? Is it too heavy for you? AtjataugiagakKaujuk. He had to be carried on a stretcher.

Atjaluak Wheel. n. Cogged wheel. n. Atjaluanga pevuk. The wheel came off.

Atjigek Those two are alike. Atjigenngimaittuk. Those two are not a bit alike. Atjigenngituk. An odd pair of socks.

Atjik   Same., Alike. Una atjinga. This one is like it. Atjivut. He is like us. Atjiganngituk. It is strange. There is nothing like it.

Atjinguak Photograph. n. Ref: Noggasak

Ats‰gekkutik   Something to prevent rolling. n. Ukkuak ats‰gekkutitt‰lauguk. Put something against the door to keep it from closing.

Ats‰k Snatch. v. Take with force from someone. v. Take away. v. Ats‰nniKaliagiattugaujilik. She came and snatched it away. Sugusimminik ats‰ttausimajuk. Her children have been taken away. Ats‰gasualaunga. Try to take it from me.

Ats‰nik   Seaward, sea current. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Atsajuak    Wheel on an axis, but not a flywheel. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Atsak Aunt, on father's side. n. Slope. n. Atsasuga. My aunt. Atsanganimmi. On the slope.

AtsaKuk Upper arm. n.

Atsalippuk   Rubs between his hands. v.

Atsaluak    Wheel. n. A cogged wheel. n. Atsaluanga pevuk. The wheel came off. Atsaluatipp‰k He makes the wheels go around, the vehicle advance.

Atsanik   Northern Lights. n. Light up. v. Atsaninnik itsiven? Are you afraid of the Northern Lights? AtsanitsualikKuk. The Northern Lights are really active tonight.

Atsapaluak Roll. v. AtsapaluakKaujuk pinnimut. It rolled into a crack. Atsapaluak A spherical object. Atsapaluattip‰k He makes a round object roll.

Atsat‰t‰juk Chickadee (Black capped chickadee, Parus atricapillus). n. Ref: Murphy

Atsaujak    Ball. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

AtsiKagettuk   Like it already.

Atsipuk   Deep down.

Atsot   Go ahead. I don't mind. Try harder. Keep on going.

Atsuguk Use strength. v. Exert oneself. v. Think highly of. v. Atsugugaluadluni, matuigunnakaungitanga. Although he used all his strength, he could not open it. Atsuguttailigialik. He must rest and not exert himself. Uvannik atsugutsiasiajuk. He loves me with all his heart.

Atsuil‰ As it was expected to happen. Atsuil‰ Mont‰gimi tikivuk. As expected, he arrived on Monday.

Atsuilik Healthy person. n.

Atsungittuvuk Fastens forcefully. v.

Atsup‰k Child to bed with a bottle or the breast. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Attaguivuk Diligent. v.

Attajappuk Loafs. v.

Attap‰   Not considered, OR not respect him. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Attasik Borrow. v. Taimanganit attasingilanga. Since that day l have borrowed nothing. Attasigutta kisiani. The only way we can do it is by borrowing.

Attatugauvuk   Loaning thing.

Attatuk   Borrow. v. Attatuttausimajuk. Someone has borrowed it. Attatupviusonguven n‰lautimming? Can I borrow your radio?

Attiavuk Robs. v.

Attipuk   Separates.

Attuannik Northerly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget

Attuinak    Ready. Ref: Watts

Attuk Touch. v. Attutailiguk. Try not to touch it. Attuniannagu! Don't touch it!

Attulukuluk Sweepings.

Atuagak Book (to read). n. Novel. n. Atuagamittok! I wish I had a book to read!

Atuak Read. v. Atuaso‑on? Can you read it? Atualauguk. Read it.

Atuanning‰k   Northwesterly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget

Atuatsik Reading. v. Atuatsisonguven? Can you read? Uvannut atuatsiKattatuk. He reads to me. Atuatsijuk. He is reading.

Atuinnak   Ready. AtuinnaulikK‰? Is it ready now? Atuinnak. It is ready.

Atuinnautik Make ready. v. Atuinnautijaunngitullonet. It is not even being made ready.

Atuk   Use. v. Wear. v. Valuable. v. Una atuniatt‰n? Will you be using this? Atujanga. He is wearing it. Atupp‰p‰juk. It is really useful. He is a great deal of help to us. AtukKongitualuk. It doesn't seem to be a part of it. It seems useless.

Atungak Skin boot bottom. n. kisimi atunganga mitsugiakalittuk. Only the bottom needs sewing now.

Atungatsak Sealskin that will be used for boot bottoms. n. AtungatsaKaven? Do you have any sealskin that can be used for boot bottoms?

Atungaujak   Leaves of mountain avens (numbs the tongue). n. Ref: Aichen

Atunik Used or worn thing. Takutsak atunik. It's evident that it has been worn before. It's clearly second hand.

Atunit   Each one. Each time.

Atunngik   Stitch the inside of boot bottoms. v. Atunngigialikka. I still have to sew the insides of the boot bottoms.

Atusivuk    Puts on clothes. v.

Augappuk Leans forward. v.

Augiak Blood clot. n. Augiag‰lunnik migiajuk. He is vomitting blood clots.

Augitsik Drain of blood. v. Ukalimmik augitsijuk. He is letting the blood drain out of the dead rabbit.

Aujak Summer. n. This summer. Aujaulippat, onadlaKattal‰givuk. In the summer, we will have some hot weather again. Aujak ogannial‰kKunga. This summer, I will go cod fishing. Auj‰lik It has is summer fur, plummage Aujattuk Summer has come. Aujatsiutit Summer clothes. Aujasiutuk Spends the summer. Ref: Watts

Auk Musher's command to turn right., Blood. n. Bleed. v. No!, Melt. v. Auk! Auk! Turn right! AuKatsiangituk. She has low blood. She is anemic. Aujuk. He is bleeding. Auk. Definitely not Auvuk. It melted.

Auka   No. Aukammagik. Certainly not. Auk‰juk. He said no. He does not agree to it.

Aukkanik Become warm. v. Maunnga aukkanitsigiaittuligit. Come over here and warm yourself. Have you warmed up now?

Aulajik   Remember from past experience. v. Aulajiven sivullip‰k tingijok tikimmat? Do you remember the coming of the first airplane? Ilangit aulajinngitakka, sugusiulaugama. I don't remember everything because I was only a child at the time.

Aulajotik   Motion picture projector. Ref: Dorais

Aulajuk Motion picture camera. Atjiliugutik aulajuk. A movie camera. Ref: Dorais

Aulak Moving. v. Aulajuk suli. It is still twitching. Sunakiak aulajuk taunani. Something is moving around down there.

Aulasajuatik Fishing line. Ref: Dorais

Aulasak Jig. v. Aulasajut imappimi. They are jigging for fish in deep water (the open sea).

Aulitjak Move. v. Aulitjapat, KukiniakKat. When it moves, shoot it. AulitjagunnagunnaimaikKunga. I can't move at all.

Aull‰k Move away to a temporary residence. v. Aull‰simajut. They are away at their winter place. They are away. Aull‰simapvimejut. They are at their sealing place.

Aull‰tik Move household belongings. v. Aull‰tijut. They are moving their things into another house.

Aullagiavuk   Moves further away.

Aullaik   Sell. v. Aullaigajatt‰n uvannun? Can you sell it to me? Aullaigatsaungituk. It is not for sale. Aullaijuk imikulunnik. She is selling soft drinks.

Aullak Go away. v. AullamagilikKen? Are you moving away for good? Aullatitsijuk Kimminik. He is driving the dogs away. AullalikKen? Are you going away?

AullaKik   Nosebleed. v. AullaKijuk imminik. His nose began bleeding on its own. AullaKitij‰‑en? Did you make his nose bleed?

Aullaumaj‰ppuk Wretches with pain.

Aullaumak Play hookey. v. Away without letting anyone know. v.

Aulsak Jig. v. Aulasajut imappimi. They are jigging for fish in deep water (the open sea). Aulsagialautta. Let's go jigging.

Aulsautik Jigger. n. Aulsautiga nitsivuk. My jigger is caught on something.

Aum‰luk   Coal. n. Aum‰lunnik kisiani KijuKaKattalaukKugut. All we had to burn for firewood was coal.

Aumaijaik   Clean stove of ash. v. Aumaijaigiak ajunnatuk. Taking the ash out of a stove is dirty work.

Aumajuakkutak   Cushion. n. Ref: Dorais

Aumak Brands. n. Partly thawed out. v. Aumaleng? Are there any brands left in the stove? Aumajong? Is it thawed out? Aumaliutuk It it turning to embers.

Aumaku Glowing coal (no flame). n. Aumakulik. The coal is still glowing hot.

Aumaluak   Round. kenanga aumaluatuinnak. Her face is really round. Aumaluanguna. That is a circle.

Aumauttuk Heated red hot, becomes a firebrand, an ember (coal, iron, wood) is . Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Aummitik Bedclothes. n. AummitiKaven? Do you have any bed clothes? Aummitituaga. My only blanket.

Aun‰k   Bleed. v. Blood that has been bled. n. Go that way. v. Aun‰pp‰littong? Is it bleeding a lot? Aun‰g‰lunganut tutiniannak. Don't step on the pool of blood. Aun‰ng‰litta. Let's go that way instead.

Aunga   Southen direction. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Aungijak   Hemorrhage. v. Bleed a lot. v. Spitting blood. v. TB‑jut aungijaKattatut. Those who have T-B spit blood. Aungijajuk. He has cut a major artery.

Auniguk Rotten., Become decayed. v. keta aunigogami alijuk. It must be rotten; it tore. k‰ttopalait aunigulittut. The potatoes are getting rotten.

Aunik   Rotten., Bare spot of ground in winter snow. n. kigutingit aunet. His teeth are rotten. Aunimmi nigimm‰niakKugut. We shall have a picnic on the bare spot of earth.

Aunngak   Go over there. v. Aunngas‰tta. We must go over there now. Aunnga. Over there. Aunnga ililiguk. Put it over there. Aunngasok. It can go over there.

Aunniapuk Crawls to a seal. v.

Aupal‰ngajuk Orange. It is nearly red. It has a tinge of red.

Aupallak   Blush. v. Aupallaving‰? Did I blush?

Aupallangak Blushing. v. Aupallangatuinnalittuk. He is just blushing, not knowing what to do or say.

Aupalutt‰gutik Lipstick. Ref: Dorais

Aupaluttak Red. Aupaluttamik tikKialikkatuk. He is wearing a red, peaked hat.

Aupaluttanguak   Purple saxifrage, a plant with edible pink flowers (Saxifrage oppositifolia). n.

Aupilak   Newborn caribou calf. n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Aupvik Caterpillar. n. Rafter. n.

Auts‰k Hover. v. Swoop down. v. Auts‰vuk nunivakkamik. The bird swooped down on the mouse.

Autsiak   Something that is being thawed out. Autsiagijaga. I am waiting for it to thaw out.

Auttutak    Bird's nest. n. Auttutaliujuk. It is building a nest. Auttutanga siKuminiannagu. Don't break its nest.

Av‰k   Knock unconscious. v. Knocked out. v. Av‰janga. He knocked him out. Av‰ven? Did the bump nearly knock you out? Av‰ttaujuk. Someone knocked him unconscious. Av‰kas‰vunga. I nearly knocked myself out.

Av‰l‰Kivuk Cries out.

Av‰ngak Partly knocked out. v. Act as if half awake or stupid. v. Av‰ngajuk. He is partly knocked out. Av‰dlatok. How slow he is!

Avak   Bowhead whale calf. n. Ref: Watts

AvakKutak Island in river.

Avalappuk   Boat is driven off course. v.

Avalliku Branch of river. n.

Avaluk Fence. n. Child's playpen. n. Frame. n. Avalo iluanejuk. He is inside the fence. Avaluliujuk. He is building a fence.

Avaluttak Knock. v. AvaluttatuKavuk. Someone knocked on the door.

Avani Up north, to the north. Avanimiut. People from the north. Avanejuk. He is in the north. It's over there. Avangat pikKaujut. They came from over there.

Avat Limb. n.

Avat‰ Surrounding it. Avat‰ allatitsianiakKat. Wipe its outside well.

Avatak Float made from skin. n.

Aviggugak   Rice. n. Ref: Dorais

Avik Divide. v. Divorce. v. T‰nna aviliguk. You can share that between yourselves. Avitausimajuk. He has been divorced. Avisimajuk. He is divorced.

Aviluttapuk   Knocks. v.

Avinngak   Ungava lemming (Dicrostonyx hudsonius). n.

Avitsik Divide. v. Cut off a piece. v. NiaKojammik avitsilaugit! Cut off a piece of bread for me!

Avitt‰ Cut in half. Ref: Watts

Aviujivuk Ringing in his ear. v.

AviuKaik   Cut up into slices. v. AviuKat‰ He cut it into slices Ref: ?

Aviuttuk Shaky tail (american pipit, anthus spinoletta) (n.). Ref: Ittulak

E  -  e


Eg‰nnisiamek Aroma from cooking food. Ref: Watts

Egangak Lean. v. Ungammiutanga egangajuk. The picture is leaning to one side.

Eggap‰k Hiccough. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Egiangus‰k Salivate. v. Egiangus‰likKunga. My mouth is watering.

Ejak Pill. n. Ejatt‰taukKauvunga ‰nniasiutimmut. The doctor gave me some pills.

Ek     Swallow. v. Evaga. I swallowed it.

Ekianai   Expression of sincere gratitude, much appreciation. Ref: Watts

Elilikap‰k   Roasts it (in the oven). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Elilikattuk Burns herself in the fire. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ennik Star fish. n.

Esik Swallow medicine. v. Esigumanngituk. He doesn't want to take his pills.

Evak Smutty harp (dark phase harp seal). n.

F  -  f


Fiar‰   Four o'clock; loan word from German. Ref: Watts

Frait‰g Friday; a loan word from German. Ref: Watts

H  -  h


H‰pvik Harp. n.

Hailiggi Holy.

Hara   Musher's command for left!

Hau Musher's command for to come!

Huit Musher's command to go!

I  -  i


Idlojak Seaweed. n.

Idlok   Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Igajik Cook. n. Igajitsiasuanguvutit. You are a good cook.

Igak Cook. v. Sunamikia igajuk. She is cooking something.

Igal‰k   Window. n. Igal‰mmejuk. He is at the window.

Igal‰tsajak Glass. n.

Igalik Chimney. n. Igalinga paujuk. The chimney is sooty.

Igautik Oil heater, primus stove. Ref: Dorais

Igavik Kitchen. n. Igavimejuk. She is in the kitchen.

Igg‰k Sunglasses. n. Igg‰kannasivuk. It is time to wear sunglasses.

Igg‰ni   Near the bottom of anything containing a clear liquid. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Igganaik Finish. v. Igganaijattuk. She's just finishing up. Igganaipp‰. He finished it.

Iggavet Engine. n. Intestines and other inner organs. n. Iggavillutuk. Engine in disrepair. Iggavettanajuk. It is disemboweled.

Iggaviliuttik Mechanic. n. Ref: Dorais

Iggettuk Joyful, happy. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Iggiagommij‰k Shout for. v. Tikigavit iggiagommij‰likKauvunga. When you arrived, I wanted to shout for joy.

Iggiak   Throat. n. Iggiangagut tigumiajak. He is being held by the throat.

Iggialigik Sore throat. v. Iggialigivunga. I have a sore throat.

Iggialiginek   Diptheria. n. Iggialigivuk. He has diptheria. Ref: Watts

Igginaik Dim. v. Kullik igginailuadlatuk. The oil lamp is too dim.

Iggujik Hide oneself. v. Iggujijuk. He hides himself.

Iggup‰   Rinses.

Iggutik Something to wipe with. n. Iggutimmik Kaitsilaugit! Give me a face cloth!

Iggutotik   Washer. n. Scrubbing board. n. Iggutotimming‰k atuligit. Use the washer instead.

Iggutuik Wash clothes. v. IggutuigiaKavutit. You have to wash cloches.

Iggutuivik Wash tub. n. Washing machine. n. Iggutuivik siKumijuk. The washer broke.

Igik   Throw away. v. Una iginiannagu. Don't throw this away.

Igimak Harpoon with moveable foreshaft (used from a Kajak). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Iginak   Tune. n. IginaKangitumik tutsiajuk. She is singing out of tune.

Iginatsik    Tune. v. Iginatsijuk Kilullagammik. He is tuning up the guitar.

Igipak   Sopping wet. Igipalittut annug‰kka. My clothes are dripping wet.

Igitak Pluck feathers. v. Igitagiamik piutsangilanga. I don't like picking birds.

Igitsik   Throw. v. IgitsiKauvunga ujagammik imammut. I threw a rock into the water.

Igunak Rotten., Fermented fish heads for eating. IKaluit igunasimajut. The trout have gone rotten.

Igutsak Bee. n. Igutsak mikKaujuk uvannut. A bee landed on me.

Igutsauj‰ttoKauk   Bee hive. n. Ref: Igloliorte

Igutsaujak   Wasp (Parasitic Yellowjacket - Dolichovespula adulterina). n.

Iguttik Take apart, to unravel. v. Iguttivuk. It fell apart. Iguttilauguk. Unravel it.

Ijagujak Crystilline lens of the eyeball. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ijaguk   Something in the eye. v. Ijagujuk. Something went into his eye. Ijagurp‰ He hits him in the eye, wounds him in the eye.

Ijaguvak Eyeball. n.

Ijainnik Peep through a window. v. Ijainnijuk. He is peeping at them through the window.

Ijaujak Gem in a ring, bezel, Diamond. Ref: Dorais

Ijautik Eye glasses. n. Ijautikkajuk. He is wearing glasses.

IjeKattautijut They play hide a seek. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ijerpp‰ Hides it. v. Ijerpuk She hides. Ijetsimajuk It is hidden. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ijik   Eye. n. Hide oneself. v. Ijiga ‰nniajuk. My eye is sore. Ijigiattuvuk nap‰tiop tunuanut. He went and hid behind the tree.

Ijiligak Worm found in seaweed. n.

Ijipvak Grenadier. Ref: Jararuse

Ijitsik Hide something. v. Ijitsivuk. He hid something. IjitsKattatut. They play hide a seek.

IjotiKak Laugh at someone. v. IjotiKajut uvannik. They are laughing at me.

Ijuguk   Ghost, spirit of the dead. n. Takulautsimaven ijuguming? Have you ever seen a ghost? Ijugualok! You old devil!

Ijuk Laugh. v. Ijuniannak. Don't laugh (future).

Ijukkak   Fall down from. v. IjukKakas‰vunga. I nearly fell off.

Ik‰k Ceiling beam. n. Cross over. v. Ik‰t‰simalittuk. The beams for the ceiling are up. Ik‰juk kokulummik. He crosses the small brook.

Ikajuk   Help. v. Ikajunga. Help me. Ikajuttuviniup ilitagijauninga Credit Ref: Watts

Ikajuttik    Helper. n. Nurse's assistant. n. IkajuttiKanngilanga. I have no helper.

Ikang‰k Southerly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget

Ikautik Bridge or cable car. n. Ikautik nangiagijaga. I am terrified of the bridge.

Iki     Light. v. Board. v. Ikilauguk supogutiga. Light my pipe for me. Ikigasuaven? Are you getting on?

Ikiak   Waistcoat. n. Breast. n.

Ikigak   Switch. n. Ref: Noggasak

Ikigasak Strait. n. Ikigasammi puijisiulauttut. They hunted seals while they came through the strait.

Ikigesok Flammmable. Ref: Igloliorte

Ikiggak   Scaffold for Kajak, meat, etc. n. Ikiggak uggujuk. The scaffold fell down.

Ikijok Match. n. Ikijok Kamivuk. The match went out.

Ikilligiak   Make fewer. v. Ikilligiakket. Make them fewer.

Ikimak Aboard. v. Ikimatuinnagit. It's alright; stay aboard.

Ikinna   That one. Ikinna annak Kim‰littuk. That woman is running away.

Ikinnisat   Less. Ref: Watts

Ikisuittuk Asbestos. n.

Ikittut   Few. Ikittolittut. There are only a few left.

Ikkagilik   Robin (American robin, Turdus migratorius). n. Ikkagilet tikiakKalimmijut. The robins are returning.

Ikkatuk   Shallow. Uviluluvinik ikkatumi. There are a lot of mussels in shallow water.

Ikke Brrr, l'm cold.

Ikketujok Horned owl (Great horned owl, Bubo virginianus). n. Ref: Murphy

Ikketuk   Blunt. Saviga ikketuk. My knife is blunt.

Ikki Pinewood streaks. n.

Ikkik Wound. n. Gums. n. Ikkiga suli sakKij‰juk. My scar still shows. Ikkika ‰nnialittut. My gums are aching.

IkKaik Bring to mind. v. Paninnut ikKaitigijaga. She reminds me of my daughter.

IkKak   Ocean floor. n. Remember something forgotten. v. IkKamut kisautik tuvuk. The anchor hit the ocean bottom. ImmaK‰ ikKaniattanga. Maybe he will think of it.

IkKalutsuak Ground shark (Greenlandic shark, Somniosus microcepahlus?). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

IkKaluvak   Man shark (Black Dogfish, Centroscyllium fabricii?). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

IkKamiutak   Sea life from the ocean floor.

IkKananngituk Who cares. A worthless object or person, or incident of no importance.

IkKanattuk Cared about, valuable, precious noteworthy.

IkKasuk Care. v. IkKasujuk. He cares. He's jealous. IkKasungilanga. I don't care.

IkKasuttuk Tidy. IkKasuttusuak. She is very tidy.

IkKaumak   Remember. v. IkKaumatsinge? Remember when? IkKaumainnataga. I am always thinking of him.

IkKumak   Awake. v. Conscious. v. Alert. v. IkKumajuk. He is awake or conscious. IkKumagasuaKattagit. Try to be alert.

IkKumanngituk   Stupid. IkKumanngitualovutit. You are stupid or drunk.

Ikotak   Carpenter's brace. n. Bit in an Inuit drill; bow drill and by extrention all drill bits. Ikotatt‰guma kisiani. I must get a carpenter's brace(I can't do without it).

Iktik   Egg yolk. Ref: Watts

Ikualagiasijuk   Going to start the fire. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ikualaik Start a fire. v. Ref: Watts

Ikualak   Burn. v. Fire. n. Ikualajuk. It is burning. Ikualavik. Fireplace. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ikualasautitsak Kindling. n. Ref: Watts

Ikualavik   Fireplace made with rocks. n. Ref: Watts

Ikuggak Stool or anything used for reaching up for something. n. Ikugget‰llutit tigulauguk. Get something to step on and take it.

Ikullak Confidence. n. Ikullangituk. He is full of confidence.

Ikulliak Calm water. n. Ull‰kut kisiani ikulliaKattavuk. The sea is calm only in the morning. Ikulliasuak! What a beautiful day for boating!

Ikumak   Fire. n. Light. n. Lighted. Ikumak iluanejuk. It is in the flames. Ikumanga pujuliup sakKij‰littuk. The ship's light is now visible. Ikumanngituk. It is not lighted.

Ikumatsuak   Hell.

Ikumautet   Electric lights. n. Ikumautet K‰vut. The lights blew.

Ikunga Put over there. Ikunga ‰gok. Put it over there.

Ikupiak   Share that one receives of a divided object. Ikupiakipp‰ He gives him a small share.

Ikuselek Elbows torn. v. Ikusellisimajuinnait uvinigukka. All my shirts have holey elbows.

Ikusik   Elbow. n. Ikusegik maunalek. Her elbows are dirty.

Ikusiutik   Sling. n. Ref: Watts

Ikutsiak Hurt the elbow. v. Ikutsiajuk. He hit the funny bone on his elbow.

IKak   Stiff. v. IKavunga pisunnimut ippasak. I am stiff from all the walking I did yesterday. IKaga iKajuk. I cannot pronounce that word.

IKaluapik Canned sardines. Ref: Dorais

IKalugak   Measure for net mesh. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

IKaluk Trout or char (arctic char, Salvelinus alpinus). n. IKalusimajuk. He has caught some char. IKaluKautik Container to hold fish. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

IKalunniak Trouting. v. Trout fisherman. n. IKalunniajut. They are trout fishing. Taikkua iKalunniat. They are trout fishermen.

IKalunniutik   Night hawk (Northern goshawk, accipter gentilis). Ref: Ittulak

IKattaituk   White skin boots. n. IKattaitutsajak. Seal skin with fur removed for making white skin boots.

IKattilik Black skin boots. n. IKattilikkajuk. He is wearing black skin boots.

IKiak Hook. v. IKiattaujuk. It is hooked up. Something is caught with a hook.

IKianak Thankful. v. Expression: Thanks for the meal! Much appreciated! IKianai!

IKiasuk   Lazy. v. IKiasupp‰. I'm some lazy.

IKiasul‰k Curl. v. Curly. IKiasul‰ttilaunnga. Set my hair for me. IKiasulanngajuk. Her hair is curly.

IKiattautik Fish hook. n. Ref: ?

IKik Shrink. v. Fetal position. v. Louse egg (nit). n. Ref: Watts IKit takunnaj‰n? It shrunk. He is doubled up. Do you see the nit's eggs?

IKikKuk    Little finger. n. IKikKumini sukkisimajuk. He has a splinter in his little finger.

IKimiak Chew tobacco. v. Shrew (Water shrew?, sorex plustris OR masked shrew, sorex cinereus OR Pigmy shrew, Sorex minutus). n. IKimiajuk. He is chewing tobacco. IKimmiakulualuit Kuinagijakka. I am a afraid of shrew mice.

IKimmiasajak Chewing tobacco. n. IKimmiasajaga nungujuk. I have no more chewing tobacco.

IKinnaik   Hardworking. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

IKinnauk Lazy. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

IKisolittigivik Hair drier. n. Ref: Dorais

IKisolittiutik   Hair curler. n. Ref: Dorais

IKitsik Embrace. v. IKitsijuk. He embraces someone.

IKotik   Used toilet paper. n.

IKotitsajak Toilet paper. n. IKotitsaKangilanga. I have no toilet paper. IKotitsajaKanngilak. There is no toilet paper.

IKotitsak   Toilet paper. n.

IKuigill‰k   Wiggle. v.

IKuipil‰k Wiggle. v. IKuipil‰Kattatuk pisuligami. She wiggles when she walks.

IKuk   Use toilet paper for what it was intended. v. IKuv‰n? Did you wipe his behind?

IKung‰luk   Cross bill (White wing cross bill (loxia leucoptera). n. Ref: Ittulak Ref: Murphy

IKungak Crooked. v. IKungajuk. It is crooked.

Il‰     Word of agreement., Part of... Ref: Watts Il‰ngai. Yes, hey.

Il‰k   Patch. n. Il‰tsaKaven? Do you have any material for patching?

Il‰Kutsik   Porcupine (Erethizon dorstum). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Il‰ttotuk Darning needle. n. Ref: Dorais

Il‰ttuk Darn or patch. v. He adds several pieces to it. v. Il‰ttusimajuk. It is patched.

Ilagek   Two related people., Set. Ref: Noggasak Ref: Watts

Ilaijak   Comb. v. Ilaijalaugit. Comb your hair.

Ilaijautik   Comb. n. Ilaijautimittung. I wish I had a comb.

Ilaijautitsak Plastic. n. Ref: Dorais

Ilak   Add on. v. Relative. n. Part. n. Member. n. Ilangu. Put some mix in it. Ilatit takulauttaka. I saw your relatives. Taikikkua ilanga. It's part of them.

Ilaku   Remnant. n. Ilakunik sikareKavunga. I have less than a full pack of cigarettes.

Ilakuit Pieces of a whole. Ref: Watts

IlaKik   Tangle. v. IlaKivuk nuluajak. The rope tangled.

Ilaliuk Agree with someone. v. Ilaliutuinnajanga. He is just agreeing with him.

Ilanga   Part of it. Ilanga puigujaga. I have forgotten the rest of it.

Ilangani Sometimes. Ilangani iKiasuttusuangupattajuk. Sometimes he is really lazy. Ilangit m‰ni. Some of them are here.

Ilangit   Some of them. Ilangit piginngitakka. . Some of them are not mine.

IlaniKiak Coat made of pieces, patches.

Ilann‰k   Friend. n. Ilann‰gitsiamagittaga. He's my bosom buddy.

Ilanngak    Take a piece off. v. Ilanngasitajuk. It is not whole. Ilanngavaga. I took a piece off.

Ilatsuk Pity. v. Ilatsuguk. He pities someone.

Ilauk   Attend. v. Go along. v. katimmavimmut ilaugasuaven? Are you going to attend the church service? Pujulikku ilaugasuavunga. I am going on the ship.

Iliatsuk   Orphan. n. Iliatsuvunga. I am an orphan.

IliatsuKautik   Orphanage. n. IliatsuKautimmesimajuk. He has spent some time in an orphanage.

Iligasuk Shy. v. Iligasuven? Are you shy?

Ilijiuk   Make a meat cache. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ilik   Learn. v. Place. v. Partner. n. IlilikKen? Are you learning? Ililauguk maunnga. Place it here. Iliga sukkajutsuak. My partner is very speedy. Ilejuk. He stores it, put is away in it's place. Ilisijuk Puts it away, stores it. Iligesuk Learns fast; is intelligent Ref: Watts

IliKittam‰ppuk Lets his head nob back and forth or to the left and right: an old person ect. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ilimagiv‰   Look after something. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ilimajak Sanitary napkin, pad. n. Ref: Dorais

Ilimanak   Feared. T‰kkua ilimanaitut. Those are not to be touched.

Ilimasuttuk   Watches out for him from fear, being on his guard. v.

Ilingak Belong to. v. Uvattinut ilingajuk. It belongs to us. Paninga uvannut ilingajuk. Her daughter is named after me.

Ilinni On you. Ilinnejuk matuitsiutik. You have the opener. Ilinnik One who has a habit.

Ilinniak Learn. v. Ilinniavunga. I am learning.

Ilinniatitsijik Teacher. n.

Ilinniatitsijuk Teacher. n. IlinniatitsijiKanngitut suli. They still have no teacher.

Ilinniavik School. n. Ilinniaviliajuk. He is going to school.

Ilippak Stingy person. n. Ilangi ilonnatik ilippait. All his relatives are miserly.

Ilippauk Stingy. v. Ilippauluatiatuk. He is too stingy.

Ilipv‰nti Elephant; a loan word from English. n.

Ilipvik   Place for storing something (usually in the possesive). Ilipvinga Her place for storing things.

Ilisimaik   Crazy. v. Ittoligami Kimmialuvut ilisimailittuk. Our dog is so old, it's gotten crazy.

Ilitannamek Greeting of old friends; nice to see you again! Ref: Watts

Ilitatsigutik   Sign that enables one to recognize, subject or object that one recognizes. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ilitatsik   Recognize. v. IlitatsikKaungilagit. I didn't recognize you. Ilitagiv‰ He recognizes him.

Ilitjivik   Attic. n. Ref: Dorais

Ilitsi You, three or more. Ilitsi inuit n‰lalaugitsi! You people, listen!

Ilitsik Place in or on. v. Ilitsijuk Katimmavimmut. He gave a donation to the church.

Ilittisik   Cut away to form a pattern. v. IlittisigekKen? Did you finish cutting the pattern?

IliukKaik Put inside. v. Place many different things in one place. v. IliukKaijuk pottamut. He is putting things inside the bag. IliukKaipait She places many different things in one place.

IliulluKik Blizzard. Ref: OKalaKatiget

Iliutt‰k   Play jigs and reels. v. Iliutt‰tuk unnuak n‰dlugu. He played jigs all night.

Ilivuk Behaves is such a way. T‰tsutunak ilingajuk He behaves like that. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ill‰gusik    Porcupine (Erethizon dorstum). n.

Illauk Unborn baby seal. n.

Illiak Womb. n. Illianga ‰nniajuk. She has pain in her womb.

Illigik   Value. v. Illigijatuanga. Her only prized possession. Illigijanga tajanga. He values his watch.

Illik Bed. n. Illimejuk. He is in bed.

Illinak Balcony. n. Ref: Dorais

Illu   Ship's cabin. Ref: Dorais

Illua Other of a pair. Ref: Watts

Illugek Pair (of shoes, mitts, binoculars etc.). Takkua illugek. Those are a pair. Illugengituk. They are odd. Illuituk Odd one, is missing a pair Ref: Watts

Illugusik   Bedroom. n. Nammini illugusilik. He has his own bedroom.

Illuigiutik   Slingshot. n. Illuigiutimmut milujanga. He hit it with a slingshot.

Illuik Snow blind. v. Illuijuk. He is snow blind.

Illuinattotik Revolver. n. Ref: Dorais

Illuk   House. n. One of a pair. n. Illuga. My house.

Illukki That's amazing! marvelous!, expression of admiration and surprise. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Illullek   Damp boots. v. Illullevunga. Oh, my boots are damp.

Illunga His house., Other of a pair. Illunga tuappingajuk. His house is untidy. Illunga asiumajuk. The other half is lost.

Illungak Bowlegged. v. AKanganimmut illungalittuk. Because he squats so much, he is bowlegged.

Illusuak Sod house. n. Illusuavinimmik napv‰laukKugut. We found the remains of a sod house.

Illutik   Set saw teeth. v. killotik illutigiaKaligemmijuk. The saw needs to have its teeth set again.

Illutuk Use both hands. v. Kattanga angimmut illutugialik. Her bucket is so big and heavy, she has to use both hands to carry it.

Illuvigak    Snow house (igloo). n. Illuvigaliujuk. He is making a snow house.

Ilonnanga All of it. Ilonnanga tiguliguk. Take all of it.

Ilonnasi All of you.

Ilonnata All of us.

Ilonnatik   All of them and everyone. Ref: Watts

Ilua   It's inside. Iluanengituk. It is not inside.

Iluani Inside it. Inuli iluani. There are people inside it.

Iluingatait   Everyone or everything included. Ref: Watts

Iluittuk   Whole. Suli iluittuk. It is still whole.

Iluk Hole. n. Inside., Damp. v. Ilulik. It has a hollow spot. Ilunga. It's inside. Ilusimajuk. It became damp (from condensation).

Ilukittuk   Shallow ( bay or lake), Can hold only a small quantity. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Watts

Ilukkusik Culture. n. Ilukkusivut. Our culture.

Ilulik Bullet. n. Ilulinga anigotisimajuk. The bullet went right through.

IluliKut Vase, container. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ilulilik Object inside of ... Ref: Watts

Ilullik   Undershirt or a tank top. n. Ref: Dorais

Ilullituik   Load a gun. v. Ilullituijuk. He is loading a gun.

Ilumegok   Pie. n. Ref: Dorais

Ilungittotik Accelerator. n. Ref: Dorais

Ilungittuk Use all one's strength. v. Ilungittulutit. Use all your might. Ilungungittujuk. He acts with all his might and main.

Ilunnaniapvik Bathtub. n. Ref: Dorais

Ilup‰k   Petticoat. n. Slip. n. Undergarment. n. Ilup‰nga sakKij‰juk. Her slip is showing.

Ilupiagutak Lining. n. Atigiga ilupiagutatt‰gialik. My coat needs a lining. Illuvut ilupiagutaKangituk. Our house has no insulation.

Ilupiguk Men's winter underwear. n. Ilupigukkanik Kaitsilaugit. Give me a pair of my long-johns.

Ilusik Custom. n. Habit. n. Way of living. n. Ilusinga. Its natural state. Ilusigingitavut. It is not our custom. Taim‰ ilusilik. That's his way of living.

IlusiKatsianik   Good manners. n.

Ilut‰k Make hollow. v. Ilut‰lauguk. Make it hollow.

Ilutak Groin. n. Ilutammigut miluttausimajuk. He was hit in the groin.

Ilutsisiagittuk Shapely. Annanga ilutsisiagittuk. His wife is shapely.

Ilutsituinnak   Tiny. Ilutsituinnamik illulet. They have a tiny house.

Ilutujuk Can hold a lot of things. Ref: Watts

Iluvik Grave. n. Iluvik itijualuk. The grave is deep.

Iluvipvik Graveyard. n. Iluvipvik tatajuk. The graveyard is full.

Im‰k   Like this., Die by drowning. v. Thus ( refers to something which should follow, that is about to be said). Im‰k pigialik. It has to be done like this. Im‰simajuk. He drowned.

Imaguk   Become water. v. Imagujuk. It melted. Imaguppuk. It leaks. (This refers to a boat.)

Imailivuk This is what is says, how it goes. Ref: Noggasak

Imaingatak Squall hawk (Northern hawk-owl, Surnia ulula). n. Nighthawk ? Ref: Ittulak

Ñ n. Ref: Murphy

Imak   Water. n. Liquid. n. Imakkojut. They are travelling by water. Imanni. In the water.

Imappik Sea (outside, offshore). n.

Imatsuk Swamp. n. Imatsukut pisukKauvunga. I walked through the swamp.

Imatt‰gutalik Elephant. n. Ref: Dorais

Imialuk   Liquor. n. Imialuttusimajuk. He has been drinking liquor.

Imigak Drink lots of water, etc. v. Wager, bet. v. Imigajuk angiKami. He is drinking at home. Imigajuk,tagekKutunik niginnigami. He is drinking a lot because he ate salty food. Imigal‰ttuk He had a sip.

Imik Drink. v. Drinking water. n. Imitilannga. Give me a drink. Imimmik. Water, please. Imiliuttuk She's melting ice to make water. Imittatuk He fetches water. ImigusualuaKijuk He who is very quick to become thirsty, to want to drink too often.

Imikkak Chip an object. v. Kajott‰k imikkasimajuk. The cup is chipped.

ImikKutailak Stern or pay trick (arctic tern, Sterna paradisea). n. Ref: Ittulak

Imikuluk   Soft drink. n. Imikuluttomajuk. He is drinking a coke.

Imilluanik   Buzzing of an insect. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Imippuk Collapses. v.

Imitsiak Good clean water. n. Ref: Watts

Imittavik   Water well. n. Imittaviliujuk. He is digging a well.

Imiutik   Drinking straw. n. Ref: Dorais

Immaguak   Leaky. Motanga immaguajuk. His boat is leaky.

ImmaK‰ Maybe. ImmaK‰ Kauppat. Maybe tomorrow.

Immali How beautiful it is! If only I could... Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Immasak   Not so long ago, recently. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Immek Water. v. Immesijuk piaKautimmin”k. He is preparing his beer bucket.

Immigok    Separate. v. Immigolingajut. They're separated. Immigojuk piga. Mine is separate from the rest.

Immik   Wash your face. v. Immilaugit. Wash your face.

Imminik By himself. Imminik pisusok. He can walk by himself.

Immujak   Marshmellow.

Immuk Milk. n. Immut‰niakKet. Put some milk in it.

Imotik   Wrapper. n. Imotinga pillauluk. Take the wrapper off.

Imujiutik Fishing line reel. n. Ref: Dorais

Imuk   Fold. v. Imulauguk! Fold it! Imusimajuk. It is folded.

Imulig‰k   Wrinkly. Imulig‰simajuk. It is wrinkly.

Imulluk Wrinkles. n. Imullulik. He has wrinkles.

Imutsak Cigarette paper. n. Ref: Dorais

Inak Invite. v. Inapp‰. He invite him.

Inalojak Spagetti or macaroni. n. Ref: Dorais

Inaluak   Intestine. n. Inaluakka takijualuit. My intestines are long.

Inaluat Wire. Ref: Dorais

Inalukak   Bat. (Little Brown Bat, Myotis lucifugus). n. Ref: Peacock

Ingigg‰lak   Start. v. Ingigg‰lavuk motak‰k. The car started.

Ingiggak Travel. v. Ingiggavugut. We are moving. Ingiggangituk sitontik. The clock is not running.

Ingiggalautik   Pedal. n. Ref: Dorais

Ingigganik   Current (ocean or river). n. Ingigganimmut ejaujuk. It was swallowed up by the eddy.

Ingiggasiutik   Starter. n. Ref: Dorais

Ingik   Sit down. v. Ingiget! Sit down!

Ingiullik    Sea swells. n. Ingiullivuk. The sea is swelling. Ingiullinut asiuKattajuk. It is sometimes hidden by the swells.

Ingiullitsiutik Sleepy diver (black scoter, Melanitta nigra). n. Ref: Murphy

Ingiulliuk Seasick. v. Ingiulliusonguven? Do you get seasick?

Ingulak   Tired. v. Ingulaven? Are you tired?

Iniak   Wash hung up on the line. n. Iniukka panijut. My clothes are dry.

Iniat Things that hang to dry (clothing, fish nets, fish, ect.). n. Ref: Watts

Iniattuik    Hang clothes on a line. v. Iniattuijuk silami. She is hanging the clothes outdoors.

Iniattuvik Clothesline. n. Iniattuvik katajuk. The clothes line fell down.

Inik Position. n. Place. n. Iniga tigujauvuk. My place is taken. InitsaKanngituk. There is no place for it.

IniKuk Beautiful. IniKualuk! Magnificent!

IniKunak Pretty. IniKunattusuak. Very pretty.

IniKunanngituk   Ugly. Angutinga inuKunanngimaittuk. Her husband is not the least bit good-looking.

Inillak Lie down. v. Inillasimalittuk. He has gone to bed.

Inittik   Tell someone to stop doing something. v. Inittiket. Tell them to stop. Inittitauvugut. We are reprimanded.

Inittuinak Despair. v. Inittuivok. He gives up hope. Ref: ?

IniukKaik   Hang up laundry. v. IniukKaijuk iggutuaminik. She is hanging up her wash.

IniukKavik Clothesline. n. IniukKaviga nailuattatuk. My clothesline is too short.

Inkik Ink; loan word from English. Inkik asikKiniannagu. Don't spill the ink.

Inna That one (not present but visible, in the distance, beyond). Inna angutik tikijuk. That man arrived.

Innaitak Spark plug (from Inna... a flintstone). Ref: Dorais

Innak Cliff. n. Ray of fire. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Innami auttutalik. It has a nest on the cliff.

Innaminuak Echo. n. Innaminuamminik tus‰juk. He hears his echo.

Inngak Leak. v. Inngajong? Is it leaky?

Inngautaujak   Molasses. n. Ingautaujatt‰niakKet. Add molasses to it.

Inngautaujaujak Corn syrup. n. Ref: Dorais

Inngik   Sing in a choir. v. Inngilaugit. Sing a song.

Inngitik Person who sings in a choir. n. Inngitiuvunga. I sing in a choir.

Inngitit   Choir. n. Inngitet ilinniajut. The choir is practising.

Inngusik    Glass, tumbler, cup. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Inngutak   Grandchild. n. InngutaKaven? Do you have any grandchildren?

Inngutatjus‰k Great-grandchild. n. Ref: Ben-Dor

Innigekkut Cord tying together the two sled runners (in front?). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Innik Son. n. Innet. Your son.

Innippalaut Flint. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Inok Two people. n. Sikumi maggok inok. There are two people on the ice.

InoKuappuk Old man. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Inolik Born. v. Inolitainniatuk. He is newborn. InolikKanik. He was born only recently.

Inosik   Way of living. n. Being. n. Mental or physical health. n. Inositsiagi. A healthy, happy person. Inosiga sujujuk. My health is ruined. Inotsiajuk. He lives a good life.

Inosuttuk Young. n. Inosuttogunnaituk. He is no longer young. Inosuttuit pinnguajut. The young people are playing.

Insik   Inch; a loan word from English. Insituinnanik naittuluadlatuk. It is just an inch too short.

Insuaransik   Insurance. n. Motaga insuaransitoakKaujaga. I bought insurance for my boat.

Inuak Murder. v. Inuagasuajuk. He is trying to murder someone. Inuasimajuk. He has murdered.

Inuattik Murderer. n.

Inugak Checkers, pawns or draughts (previously the knuckle bones of the phalanxes of the hands and feet used kin a game (phalanxes of people: Inuit forebearers were cannibals anthropophages, it is said); or the knucklebones of seal. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Inugannguak   Play checkers. v. Inugannguajut. They are playing checkers.

Inuit   People. n. People. Inuit pigumaijaugusingit. The wishes of the people.

Inummak Wags it's tail, friendly. n. Ref: Watts

Inunganguat Fingers or toes. n. Ref: Watts

Inunnguak Statue. n. Idol. n. Carving of a person. n. Inunngualiujuk. He is making a carving of a person.

Inuppak Giant. n. Uva saninni inuppauvutit. Compared to me, you are a giant.

Inutok   Alone. v. Inutovunga. I am alone. Inutonngilanga. I am pregnant.

Inutsiak Friendly person. Taikinna inutsiasuak. That person is very friendly.

Inutsik Shoot under. v. Inutsivaga. I missed the target.

Inutsituk   Insufficient for... n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Inutsuk   Pile of rocks erected on a hillside as some sort of marker (Inuksuk). Aulial‰ligama, m‰ni inutsuliugasuavunga. Because I will be leaving soon, I shall build an inuksuk here.

Inuttut Language of the Inuit people. n. Like a person. Inuttut uK‰lasonguven? Can you speak Inuktitut? Adlak inuttut nikuvingasok. The black bear can stand up like a person. Inuttitut. Like the people.

Inutuak   Alone. Inutuakulodluni itsivajuk. He is sitting all alone.

InutuKak Old person. n. InutuKaujut nalligikkit. Love the old people.

Ipageppuk Straight-grained (wood).

Ipak Year-rings in tree. n. Ipangit kitikKaujakka. I counted the tree's year rings.

Ipatsik Understand. v. Ipatsivuk. He understands.

Ipejautik   Cleansing-powder soap (ie Comet). n. Ref: Dorais

Ipig‰k   Wade in water. v. Ipig‰niannak. Don't go wading in the water.

Ipigaik Make things dirty. v. Ipigaituinnangimaillutit. Don't just make everything dirty

Ipigak   Whip. v. Ipigattuijuk. He is whipping. Ipigavak. He whips himself.

Ipigautak   Whip. n. Ipigautaliujuk. He is making a whip.

Ipik   Sweat. v. Smother. v. Dirt or filth. n. Die from suffocation. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ipijiak I am sweating. He is smothered. Your sweater's too dirty to wear. Person suffocated (unintentionally) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ipijiagiv‰ She suffocated him, made him die of suffocation (unitentionally: mother who falls asleep while nursing her baby who is suffocated on the breast) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ipipp‰ She causes a baby to suffocate (unconsciously). He suffocates him (intentionally).

Ipiniak Out of breath, panting, suffocates, gasps for breath (after running, from illness, lack of ari, oppression. v. Ipiniattip‰ He leaves him breathless (the person chasing him or the cold in his head) Ipiniagutigiv‰ She has it as a cause for being out of breath (her cold, asthma ect). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ipiniggasik Find a dead seal that was suffocated by a high sea. v. Ippiniggak. A dead seal suffocated by a high sea. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ipitik Suffocate someone to death on purpose. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ipitsaik   Sharpen. v. Ipitsailauguk saviga. Sharpen my knife.

Ipitsauk Sharpening iron, whetstone. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ipitsik   Intentionally caused someone to die from suffocation. v. Ipitsigutik Something used to suffocate someone. Ipitsigusipp‰ He covers her faces with something to cause her to suffocate. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ipittuk Sharp. Ipittunung? Is it sharp? Ipettuk. It is not sharp.

Ipiut‰k Isthmus. n. Ipiut‰k ulitjauKattajuk. At high tide, the isthmus is under water.

Ipiutak Trace of a dog. n. Boat line. n. Whip. n. Ipiutanga kittugammat, Kimmika Kim‰kKaujuk. When the trace snapped, my dogs ran away.

IpKit   Dirt, offal. n. IpKejapp‰ He cleans it. IpKettuk Clean (it has no dirt). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ipolik Sauce pan. n. Ref: Dorais

Ipotik Paddle. n. Ipotek. Two paddles.

Ippak Dirty. v. Food stuck to a container that had a meal in it. n. Ippagegiven? Are you dirty again? Ippaliguk. You can lick, scrape out the bowl. Ippapp‰ He dirties it.

Ippas‰ni Day before yesterday. n. Ippas‰ni tikilaukKunga. I came day before yesterday.

Ippasak   Yesterday. n. Ippasak takulauttaga. I saw her yesterday.

Ippataijuk Shotgun. n.

Ippiasojak Jellyfish. (ctenophora, comb jellies). n.

Ippiasuk Pocket or pouch. n. Ippiasunnejuk. It is in my pocket.

Ippig‰k Sand hillock. n. Ippig‰mmi situganguajut. They are sliding down the sand bank.

Ippigunak Beetle. n. Ref: Dorais

Ippik   Handle of a pot or stove. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ippiniak Feeling. v. Feel. v. Feel drunk. v. Ippiniajong niu‑on? Is there any sensation in your leg? Kanuk ippiniaven? How do you feel? IppinialikKunga. I am feeling drunk.

Ipuk Paddle. v. Handle. n. Ipuginai? You paddle, eh? IpuKanngituk. It has no handle. Ipugatuinnak. A boat with no motor, or sail. Ipuinnagut. A boat with no motor, or sail.

Ipummik   Keep mouth shut. v.

Ipupvik Oarlock (fulcrum for an oar attached to the gunwahle of a boat). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Iputik Oar. n. Iputik nakajuk. The oar broke.

Ipvauk   Distort one's face. v. Ipvaungalittuk. The baby is nearly crying.

Ipviliuk   Little room, can hardly move. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ipvinegusuk   Envious, jealous. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Ipvit You. Ipving‰k. You, instead of him. Ipviungituk. Not you.

Ipviugak Grass work. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Is‰luk   Mope (pine grosbeak finch). n. Ref: Murphy

Isaguk   Wing. n. Tingijop isagunga. The wing of a plane. Kupanuap isagunga. A bird's wing.

Isagutak Shelf. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Isak Extend one's arm. v. Isadluni nukketuk. He strained a muscle while stretching his arm.

IsakKaik   Beat with a stick. v. IsakKaivuk. He beats him with a stick.

IsaKattak Measure with arm lengths. v. IsaKattap‰. He measured it with his arm lengths.

IsaKaut   Rod or stick. n. IsaKav‰ She beats it with a stick. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

IsaKut‰k   Sunbeam. n.

Isavuk   Bird is moulting. v.

Isigiak Haze. n. Isigiavuk. It is hazy.

Isigitsiak   Smoked trout or meat. n. Isigitsialiujtik. He is smoking trout.

Isik   Smoke. v. Smoke. n. Ikualait isiluadlatuk. Your fire is smoking too much. Isittuk. It is smoking. Isianne. I smell smoke.

Isipi Spades in a deck of cards. n. Ref: Dorais

Isitjugik Whisper. v. IsitjugigiattuKaujuk uvannut. She came and whispered to me.

Isivik Spread out. v. Isivigok. Spread it out.

Isivitsik   Open out. v. Isivitsivuk Kipimmik. He opens up the blanket.

IssoKangitumut   Forever. Ref: Watts

Isua End. n. NauKo isua? Where is the end of it?

Isuani   At the end. Kilasimajuk isuani. It is tied at one end.

IsuiluKusik   Make an obstacle preventing someone from doing what they want. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Isulluk Butt of a rifle. n. Ref: Dorais

Isum   End. n. Isuani. At the end of it. IsuKanngituk. It has no end. Eternity.

Isumaitsik   Lose one's mind. v. Isumaitsingajuk. A mad person or a rabid animal. Isumaitsijuk. He is going crazy.

Isumaj‰k   Ponder. v. Worry. v. Isumaj‰tuinnalittuk. He is only sitting and thinking. Isumaj‰ppalikKen? Are you worrying a lot?

Isumak Brain. n. Opinion. n. Thought. n. Mind. n. Isumalipp‰k. He has a lot of sense. He is very intelligent. Isumammini atujuk. He is acting on his own thinking. Isumannit ipvit. Do what you want.

Isumaki Brainless. n. Isumake‑ai. Hello, stupid.

Isumakittuk Foolish. Isumakittusuak. He is very childish.

IsumakKutujuk   Wise., Intelligent.

IsumaKak Think. v. IsumaKajuk utiniattunga. He thinks that I will return. Sunami isumaKaven? Is that your opinion?

IsumaKanngituk One who gives no thought His actions. n. IsumaKanngitualuk. A thoughtless person.

Isumammek Help oneself. v. Isummelittuk uKummiagannik. He is gorging himself on candies.

Isumanappuk   Dubious. n.

Isumannik   Up to you.

Isungak   Long tailed jaeger (Stercorarius longicaudus). n. Ref: Murphy

Isuttak Nursing white-whale calf. n. Ref: Peacock

Isuttanguak?   Moutain avens (Dryas integrifolia), a plant that foretells the coming of winter. Ref: Aichen

It‰k   Break and enter. v. Kimminut it‰ttausimajuk illuvut. The dogs broke into our house.

Itialuit Damn you.

Itig‰luk   Shoe. n. Itig‰lokka Kailaukkik. Pass my shoes.

Itig‰tuinnak Slippers. n. Ref: Dorais

Itigainnak   Sneaker. n. Ref: Dorais

Itigaj‰nnak Make someone enter a bay or gulf for shelter. v. Itigaj‰ttuk He goes into a bay or gulf. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Itigak Foot. n. Itig‰kka ipilittok. My feet are sweating.

Itiguk Urine. n. Itigunga tigujaujuk. They took a sample of his urine.

Itijuk Deep., Deep water. kilijuk itijummik. He has a deep cut. Itijummi kivijuk. It sank in deep water.

Itik   Enter. v. Anus. n. Sea urchin (Green sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus drobachiensis). n. Itittomajuk. He enters. Itivunga. I'm coming in. Itiga ungilajuk. My anus is itchy. Itittomajuk. He's eating sea urchin.

Itillik Peninsula. n. Itillimejut. They are on the peninsula.

Itillimak    Hagues. v. Itillimajuk. He is having bad dreams.

Itimak   Palm of the hand. n. Itimaganut ilijanga. He put it in my palm.

Ititsak   Indentation. n. Kimmik ititsaliujuk. The dog is digging a hole.

Itittananngituk Diarrhoea remedy. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Itittuk   Act prudently, with precaution. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Itivik   Other side of land. n.

Itjanguk Become dizzy. v. Itjangujuk. He has become dizzy or out of breath.

Itjapp‰ Looks like him, has him as a model. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Itjilik Frosty. Januarimi itjilitsuaKattaKuk. It is very cold and frosty in January.

Itjisiutik    Thermometer. n. Ref: Dorais

Itjuak Copy or mock someone. v. Itjuasijuk uvannik. He is mocking me. Itjuasijuk sanajannik. He is copying what I am making.

Itjuitauk    Castrated. v. ItjuitauniagasugilikKauvunga. I was afraid that I would be castrated.

Itjujuk Thick. Itjuluadlatuk. It is too thick.

Itjuk   Testicles. n. Sod. n. Itjukut miluttatiKauvunga. I was hit in the testicles. Itjutagiajuk. He has gone for some sod.

Itjunak Dirty. Itjunappuk. It is dirty

Itjut‰k Lever. n.

Itliguk Crave for. v. Itligujuk appinik. She is craving for bake-apples.

Itlivik Chest or box. n. Itliviliujuk. He is making a coffin. Itlivimmejuk. It is in the chest.

Itluatsaijik Judge, magistrate. n. ItluatsaijiliagiaKavutit. You have to go to the magistrate.

Itluatsaik Judge. v. Itluatsaijuk. He is presiding over a courtroom.

Itluatsatauk   Judged. v. Itluatsataugialik. He has to appear before a magistrate.

Itluattuk    Comfortable. Itluattusuak illiga. My bed is very comfortable.

Itluigusuk   Jealous. v. Itluigusujuk angutimminik. She is jealous over her husband.

Itluittuk Uncomfortable. Una jaikak itluittuk. This is uncomfortable.

Itluk   Rectum. n.

Itsaguak Covering, roof (traditionally the top of a tent). Ref: Dorais

Itsagunnguk Pain in heart. v. Itsagunnguvuk. He has a pain in his heart.

Itsak   Jawbone. n. Ancient times., Roof of cabin, boat, deck OR skin tent. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Itsalik   X-ray machine; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais

Itsasuane   Along time ago. Ref: Watts

Itsavik   Wharf. n. Itsavimejuk. He is at the wharf.

Itsik Afraid. v. Itsinak. Don't be afraid.

Itsilipvik    Case, box, coffin or casket. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Itsinattuk Fearful object or person. Savialua itsinattuk. His knife looks dangerous.

Itsivak   Sit. v. Itsivaget! Sit down!

Itsivaut‰luk   Couch. n. Ref: Dorais

Itsivautak Chair. n. Itsivautak at‰ni. Under the chair.

Itsivavik High chair. n. Ref: Dorais

Itsivik   Chest or a box. n. Ref: Dorais

Itsuak   Peep. v. Itsuajuk illugusimmut. He peeped into the room.

Itsuk   Carry on back. v. Point of an instrument (file) that is inserted into the handle. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Itsujuk nutagammik. She is carrying a baby on her back.

Itsuma That one (not seen). Itsuma Kaijanga. That one gave it to me.

Itsumani    At that time (in a remembered past).

Itsumunga   With that one, to that one. Itsumunga ilitsilauttuk. He put it in that thing (not seen).

Itsutuk Shake (a rug, etc.). v. Itsutugiattulauguk tullig‰k. Go and shake out the rug.

Itti    Sap. n. Ittinga kuvilittuk. The sap is running out.

Ittitannek Diarrhoea. n. Ref: Dorais

Ittok Shy. v. Old man. v. Ittovuk. He is shy. Ittongilanga suli. I am not yet an old man. Ittojuk. He is imbecilic (because of old age).

Ittugak Boat seat. n. Ittugak Kausittuk. The boat seat is wet.

Ittugik Stutter. v.

Ittugippuk   Square, has four angles . v.

Ittuk   Old man. n. Rustling sound., King in a deck of cards (the old man.). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Dorais Ittujuk. Fashion befitting an old man. The wind moans.

Ittuki Exclamation of surprise, astonisment. How amazing!

Iva     Turning harp seal. n.

Ivajak Steal. v. Scrounge. v. Ivajagiajuk. He has gone to see what he can find. Ivaj‰k. Something scrounged off someone.

Ivakkak   Trot. v.

Ivaluk   Sinew. n. Ivalummut mitsutausimajut. They are sewn with sinew.

Ivalutsak   Thread. n. IvalutsaKaven itjujuming? Do you have any thick sewing cotton?

Ivalutsatalik Spool of thread. n. Ref: Dorais

Ivavuk   Sitting on its eggs (bird). v.

Ivianngik   Breast of a woman (for mamilaries of female animals : mamaut. Am‰mak is used generally of breasts without distinction of sex or species). n.

Ivik   Wipe hands on something. v. Long grass. n. Ivijuk omunga. He wiped his hands on this. Ivialuit takijuadlalittut. The grass is too long now.

Ivikkak   Fall over. v. Ivikkatailiniakkutit motammi. Try not to fall overboard from the boat.

Ivinngak Lemming. n.

Ivit‰k Clay brick or any red earth, stone. n.

Ivitsukak   Grass (sea lyme-grass, Lemus mollis). n. Ivitsukannejuk. It is in the grass.

Ivittisik   Put together. v. Ivittisijuk. He pulls it together.

Ivittit‰k   Put together a puzzle. v. Domino. Ref: Dorais Ivittit‰jut. They are putting together a puzzle.

Ivittit‰t Puzzles (jigsaw). n.

Iviujak Green. Jaikaga iviujak. My jacket is green.

Iviuttik Rag. n. Ref: Dorais

Ivugak?   Grey duck (mallard, Anas platyrhynchos). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Ivuluk   Make a noise in the distance. v. Loud distant noise, like thunder. n. Ivulujuk motak. The noise of the boat engine can be heard in the distance. Tus‰vunga ivulujumik. I hear a muffled noise in the distance.

J  -  j


J‰rik   Year; loan word from English. n. Katsinik j‰riKaven? How old are you?

J‰ritik Yard (Imperial measure). n. Ref: Dorais

J‰rittigutik Yard stick. n. Ref: Dorais

Jag‰k Fried meat. n. Jag‰ttugasuaven? Are you going to have some fried meat?

Jagautik Frying pan. n. Jagautigale? Where is my frying pan?

Jaikak Coat. n. Jaikatsiavait! What a nice coat you have!

Jakkik Jug; loan word from English. n. Jakkimi imikuluKavuk. There is some juice in the jug.

Jaman   German; a loan word from English. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Jilik Jelly; loan word from English. n. JilikKauven? Did you make jelly?

Joka Joker in cards. Ref: Dorais

Jolutsi Oatmeal, gruel; loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais

K  -  k


k‰fik   Coffee; loan word from English. n. k‰fitujuk. He is drinking coffee.

k‰k   Hungry. v. k‰ven? Are you hungry?

k‰llikatta Helicopter. Ref: Dorais

k‰nnik Hunger. n. k‰nnialuk. It's bad to be hungry.

k‰pak Copper, a loan word from English. n. k‰paujattuk. It looks like copper.

k‰tagekutik   Garter belt. n. Ref: Dorais

k‰tak Garter; loan word from English. n. k‰takkajuk. She is wearing garters.

k‰ttopalak   Potato; loan word from German. k‰ttopalait aunet. The potatoes are rotten.

kaggaik   Frightfully bad scare. v. kaggaiv‰nga. He gave me a bad fright.

kaillot   Instrument for unblocking a gun. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kailluagutik Wheel-barrow. n. kailluagutikkajuk. He is using a wheel-barrow.

kailluaKattautik Wheel-barrow. n. Baby-carriage. n.

kaillugak Muzzle loader gun. Ref: Dorais

kaimik Push in, drive in nails. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kaimitsik Push out a boat. v. kaimitsijut. They are pushing the boat out into the water.

kaimmaKutaujak   Carrot. n. Ref: Igloliorte

kaitjanguk Giddy. v. kaitjanguvuk. He gets giddy.

kaivallak   Go around once. v. kaivallajavut. We went around it.

kaivaluak Go around and around. v. kaivaluajuk. It is going around.

kaivik   Spin around. v. kaivittuk. It is spinning around.

kaivittuk   Grindstone. n. kaivittumi ipitsaijuk. He is sharpening it on the grindstone.

kajuk Brown., Red fox (Vulpes vulpes). n. kajuni nujelik. He has brown hair. kajummik mikigiattisisimajuk. He has caught a red fox in the trap.

kajumik Cry a lot, to continue to cry. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kajunginnik Desire. n.

kajusik   Come straight up. v. Go without hesitation. v. kajusivunga maunga. I came straight here. kajusisimajuk sinidluni. He died while sleeping

kakak   Carry on one's head, shoulders. v.

kakautik   Strecher. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kakiak Clear. v.

kakiatsijik Whiten, bleach something. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin kakiatsiv‰ The place for bleaching. He put whitens it (to thin tea, coffee or soup). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kakik Prick. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kakill‰k Pins and needles. v. Feel pricks on the feet. v. kakill‰juk. He has pins and needles. kamiKanginami, kakill‰littuk. Because he is not wearing boots, his feet are being prickled.

kakill‰naKutik Prickly saxifrage, a plant whose leaves are for tea, in cuts or as bedding for husky puppies, toughening the soles of their paws(Saxifraga tricuspidata). n. Ref: Aichen

kakill‰natsiuk   Asleep (hands or feet). v.

kakillasak   Cushy (three spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus OR Fourspine stickleback, Apeltes quadracus OR nine spined stickleback Pungitius pungitius). n. kakillasanniajuk. He's after cushies.

kakivak   Spear with three-prongs (for catching fish). n. kakivammut iKalunniajuk. He is after trout with a spear.

kakivak   Upper lip. n.

kakkek   All shrivelled up. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kakkigutik Hankerchief. n. Ref: Dorais

kakkik Blow one's nose. v. Snot. n. kakkilaugit! Blow your nose. kakkialunga katangajualuk. His old snot is hanging down.

kakkitik Baste clothes. v. Put a needle in a pin cushion, etc. v. kakkititsijuk. She is basting it. kakkitiguk. Stick the needle in the pin cushion.

kakkutik   Pin. n. Ref: Dorais

kal‰lik Measles. n.

kal‰tsiak   Play cards. v. kal‰tsiasonguven? Can you play cards?

kal‰tsiat Playing cards. n. kal‰tsiaKaven? Do you have a deck of cards?

kalak Impetigo, scab, or eczema. n. Clubs, in a deck cards. n. kalajuk. She has impetigo. kalammik pigumavunga. I want a club.

kaliggak Sound of a sled and dogs on snow. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kalik   Tow. v. kalijuk pantimik. He is towing a punt.

kalikat‰k Drag your feet. v.

kaliuk   Drag. v. kaliungimaillugu. Don't drag it.

kaliutak Wagon. n. kaliutamittok! I wish I had a wagon!

kallak   Bear berry, inedible (arctous rubra). n. kall‰luit igutsaut nigingit. Bear berries are bee' s food.

kallaKutik Alpine bear berry (Arctous alpina). n. Ref: Aiken

kallig‰k Barge. n. Ref: Dorais

kalluk   Thunder. v. Thunder. n. kallulikK‰? Is it thundering? kalluk tus‰j‰g. I hear the thunder.

kallunguattuk   Roars (like thunder) ie. a lion or bear. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kaluni   Gallon (Imperial measure). n. Ref: Dorais

kamajik Watchman. He is a watchman. n.

kamak Watch, consider, admire, pay attention to. v. Look after. v. kamatsiagit. Watch carefully. kamaginiakKatit. Look after them. kamatsulliugiv‰ He does not consider it, closes his eyes, does not want to see or hear something.

kamannngisittuk   Pretend not to notice. v. kamannngisittujuk. He is watching on the sly.

kamele Camel; a loan word form English. n. Ref: Dorais

kamialuk European style boot. n. Ref: Dorais

kamialutsajak   Rubber. n. Ref: Dorais

kamik   Boot. n. Skin boot. n. kamittujuk. He is putting on his boots.

kan‰kut‰lik Women's stockings. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kanaiKik   Nansary (Greater yellowlegs, Tringa melanoleuca). n. Ref: Murphy

kanajugak   Young sculpin. n. Suguset kanajugatsiujut. The children are looking for young sculpins.

kanajuk Sculpin. ( Arctic sculpin Myoxocephalus scorpioides, or, Shorthorn sculpin, Myoxcephalus scorpius). n. kanajuttusonguvunga. I can eat sculpin.

kanajunniutik   Mink (Mustela vison). n. Ref: Dorais

kanang‰k Easterly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget

kanani Down there. kananejuk. It is down there.

kang‰ Worry. v. Sorry. v. Disappointed. v. kang‰juk. He is disappointed.

kangesuk Suspect. v. kangesulikKunga tillitausimagianganik. I suspect that it may he stolen.

kangia Landward side. n. kangianejut. They are on the landward side.

kangidluk Bay. n. kangidlumi Kasutsejut. They are waiting in the bay for the storm to die down.

kangimut Towards the west. kangimut tug‰jut. They are heading toward the west.

kanguk   Snow goose (chen caerulescens). n. Ref: Ittulak Ref: Ittulak

kanivaut Pleura. n.

kannanelik That, further down. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kanngusuk Shy. v. kanngusunngimaillutit. Don't be shy.

kannngasuik   Sow crops. v. kanngasuijuk. He is planting seeds

kannuajak   Copper. n.

kannujak Copper, bronze, brass (any alloy of copper). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kapik Stab. v. Prick. v. Needle. v. kapittausimajuk. He has been stabbed. MikKutimmut kapijuk. He pricked himself with a needle. kapittaujuk. He received an injection.

kapisik Inject. v. kapisijuk nutagammik. She gave the baby a needle.

kapitsiutik Syringe. n. kapitsiutimmik itsijuk. He is afraid of the needle.

kappianattuk   Danger. n. kappianattuKangilak. There is no danger.

kappianattupvik   Hell. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kappiasuk Afraid. v. kappiasudlanak. Don't be afraid.

kapputik    Stick in. v. a needle. n. kapputijuk. It stuck in. kapputimmik atujuk. He is getting injections.

kapputittatok   Electric plug (male). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kapuggaluk   Test the snow several times continuously (to find good snow for building a snowhouse). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kapukKautik   Fork. n. Fish prongs. n. kapukKautiKangituk. He has no fork. kapukKautennik atujuk. He is using fish prongs,

kataik   Drop. v. kataiven? Did you drop it?

katak Drop. v. Fall. v. Lower part of the door in a Inuit house (the threshold, doorstep of a lower half door). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin katavuk. I dropped it. It fell.

katalungak Discouraged, weary, not joyful. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

katautik Parachute. n. Ref: Dorais

katik   Join. v. Gather. v. Bump your head. v. katinngajut. They are together. katilaukkit. Join them together. katijuk. He bumped his head.

katillugit   Add up... Ref: Watts

katimak Meet. v. Meeting. n. katimajut. They are holding a meeting. katimattunejut. They are at the meeting.

katimavik Meeting place. n. katimavivut. Our meeting place.

katimmavik   Church. n. katimmavilianiakKen? Will you be going to church?

katinngak Together. v. katinngajut. They are together.

katititauk Wed. v. katititaulauttut ippasak. They were married yesterday.

katititsik   Hold a wedding. v. katititsilauttuk ajuKittuijuk. The minister married them.

katitsik   Put together. v. katitsijuk. He gathers.

katitsuik   Collect, gather . v. katitsuijuk nutaungitunik unikkausinnik. She is collecting old legends.

katj‰k   Desire. v. Hit, beat, crush, pulverize or kick. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

katjik Crown of the head. n. katjinga. The top of his head.

katjiktuk?   Eagle (Bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

katjuk   Pound a hammer. v. kinainna katjujualong? Who is that pounding?

katKutak   Sternum. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

katsek   Wicked, cunning, malicious. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

katsungaippuk   Eager. v.

katsungavuk Not eager. v.

kattinik Bump on the head. n. kattivuk He bumped his head. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kattutik Ribbon by which objects are tied together. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kauk   Hit the nail on the head. v. Walrus skin. n. kauvunga. I hammered myself. kaujaga. I hit it.

kaukumm‰k Slippers. n. Ref: Dorais

kaullugak Muzzle loading gun. n. Ref: Dorais

kaummik Hands in pocket. v. kaummijuk. He has his hands in his pockets.

kautak Mallet. n. Legendary old man under the ice. n. kautalik. He has a mallet. kautak tus‰v‰n? Do you hear the old man knocking under the ice?

kautittavik Electric plug (female). n. Ref: Dorais

kauv‰ Wedges an object into an opening (filling it thus). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kav‰nguvuk   No appetite. v.

kavak Hungover. v. Excess. v. kavasimajuk. He is hungover. kavavunga. I am tired of it.

kavamanti   Government; loan word from English. n. kavamatip uKausingit. The government's words.

kaviguak   Ear-drum. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kavinguak   Deafened by loud noise. v. kaviguakKauvunga. I found the noise too loud.

kavisik Fish scales. n. kavisingit pejallugit. Scrape off the scales.

kavisilak   Herring (Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus). [kavisilak = has many small scales]. n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

kavisilik Salmon, over 6 pounds (Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar) (peal, under 6 pounds, jack, a pale salmon). n. kavisilimmik igaven? Are you cooking a salmon?

kek   Bite. v. Cake; a loan word from English. kejauvuk. He is bitten. kelippuk She clenches her teeth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kelak Become punctured. v. kelavuk. It became punctured.

kemesok    Icing. n. Ref: Dorais

kemmiagak   Horse's bit. n.

kemmiak   Hold between the teeth. v. Saunimmik kemmiajuk Kimmik. The dog has a bone in his mouth. Sejonga kemmiajuk. His zipper is stuck.

kenailitak   Balaclava. n. Ref: Dorais

kenak   Face. n. Edge. n. Cutting edge of a knife. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin kenaKanngituk. It is not sharp. What a pretty face she has!

kenalik   Sharp.

kenappak Mask. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kenatsiutik Toilet soap. n.

kenaujak   Money. n. kenaujaKaven? Do you have any money?

kenaujaKautik Wallet, billfold. n. Ref: Dorais

kesok Paper clip. n. Ref: Dorais

keta Only thing is. keta suliaKagiaKagama. The only thing is that I have to work.

ketakuluk   Little bit. ketakulogalluappat, Kaitsilaugit. Give me some, even if it is only a little bit.

ketatak   Pincer or tongs. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

ketaugaluak Too bad it is so small. Don't mention it.

kia    Whose? kiamun‰? Who owns it? kia Kaijang‰? Who gave it to you?

kiaguppuk   Sweats. v.

kiak Heat. n. kiag‰luk. Some hot.

kiangijak Sweat profusely, with a fever. v. kiangijajuk. He is sweating from a fever.

kiapiguk    Part of the caribou nearest the neck. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kiappalotik Heater. n. kiappalotik siKumisimajuk. The heater is broken.

kiappaluk Warm. kiappalutsualikKuk. It is very warm.

kiasik   Shoulder blade. n. Puijik kiasinga. The shoulder blade of a seal.

kiatik Blouse. n. T-shirt. n. kiatikkajuk. She is wearing a blouse.

kiatsak Light a stove. v. kiatsalaugit. Light the stove.

kiatsautik Cooking stove, range. n. kiatsautik sanianejuk. It is by the stove.

kiatsautisiutik   Heating oil. n. Ref: Dorais

kiatsiuk Find it warm. v. kiatsiulikKen? Do you find it warm?

kiggak Chapel servant. n. kiggauvunga. I am a chapel servant.

kiggaluk    Muskrat (Ondata zibethicus). n. Ref: Murphy

kiggatuk    Ask on someone's behalf. v. kiggatujuk uvannik. He is asking on my behalf.

kiggavik Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus). n.

kigiak   Beaver (Castor canadensis). n.

kigik   Stop. v.

kigusigik   Toothache. v. kigusigiven? Do you have a toothache?

kigutanginnak   Blue berry (Bilberry, Vaccinium uliginosum ). n. kigutanginnatomajuk. He is eating blueberries.

kigutik Tooth. n. kigutiKanngituk. She has no teeth. kigutiminik salummasaijuk. He's brushing his teeth.

kigutiligijik Dentist. n. Ref: Dorais

kigutiligiutik Tooth brush. n. Ref: Watts

kigutinnguak False teeth. n. kigutinnguaminik kataijuk. She dropped her false teeth.

kigutsivuk   First teeth coming for a baby. v. Ref: Peacock

kijaKijak Warm oneself. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kijippuk Afraid to say. v. Hesitates to do something from fear, from timidity, he is afraid of doing something because of someone, in front of someone. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kikengavuk   Hands are behind his back.

kikiak   Nails... v. Nail. n. Iron or steel. n. kikiasimajuk. It is nailed on. kikiat pukulaukkit. Pick up the nails. kikiamik avatilik. It has a steel body.

kikiakuluk Thumb tack. n. Ref: Dorais

kikiangijautik   Nail puller. n. Ref: Dorais

kikianniutik Hacksaw. n. kikianniutimmut pejausok. It can be removed with a hacksaw.

kikitaKappuk Left out. v.

kikkak Gnaw. v. Pick a bone. v. Nick on the cutting edge of a tool (axe, knife, chisel). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Saunimmik kikkajuk. He is picking a bone.

kikki Notch. n.

kikkulik    Seal hole in the ice, its entrance in the allu, the winter home visible in spring when the snow has melted. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kiKuivuk   Betrays a secret. v.

kilaiguti Can opener. Ref: Dorais

kilaik Make a hole. v. kilaivuk. He made a hole in it.

kiligak Scrape the hair off skin. v. kilipp‰ He cuts out a thongs from the around the carcass of bearded seal. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kilik   Cut oneself. v. kilivuk. He cut himself.

kilillik Person situated to the back of the snowhouse, the person sleeping there. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kilipagik   Stapler; a loan word from English (clipper). Ref: Dorais

kilippi   Bobby pin; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais

kiliutak Scraping tool for sealskin. n. kisimmik kiliutammut kiliuttuijuk. She is stretching the dry sealskin with a scraping tool.

kiliutik   Sickle. n.

kiliuttuik Stretch dried sealskin. v. kiliuttuigialik tasipp‰tlal‰guammat Kausiliguni. It must be scraped so that it will not stretch too much when it gets wet.

killak Hole. n. killalik. It has a hole.

killapait Wire mesh. n. Ref: Dorais

killevuk Penetrates. v.

killigiutsiniak   Question. v. killigiutsiniattaujuk inuattik. They are questioning the murderer.

killigiutsivuk Confesses. v.

killijijuk   Tells the truth.

killik Border or edge. n. East. n. killingani. At the edge. killimiut. People from the east.

killotik   Hand saw. n. killotikkajuk. He is using a hand saw. killomittujuk. He is sawing.

killuigutik Two handed saw. n.

killuk   Saw, cut. v. Do the opposite. v. killomiktupp‰ He saws it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

killumut    Contrary (or towards the other side, on the other side, in the other direction, the other way around).

kiluk Seam. n. Foot of a bed. n. kiluagut alijuk. It tore at the seam. kilummejuk. It is at the foot of the bed.

kimattotik   Handle of an ulu (woman's knife). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kimmautek Pliers. n. kimmautennik attasijuk. He has come to borrow a pair of pliers.

kimmautialuk   Vice. n. Ref: Dorais

kimmiavik   Cigarette filter. n. Ref: Dorais

kimmik   Heel. n. kimmeKijuk. His heels are showing.

kimmikittuk Women's high-heel shoes. n. Ref: Dorais

kimminak   Red berry, partridge berry (Lingnon berry,Vaccinium vitis-idaea). n. kimminattagia? Let's go picking red berries.

kimminaujak Currants. n. kimminaujait pigusot uppiganni. Currants grow amongst the willows.

kina Who? kinaun‰? Who is he? kinauven? Who are you?

kinak Wet or dirty (consequence of sweating or letting liquid flow). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kinatagut Brake shoe on a wheel. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kingippuk High.

kingugaik Miss someone. v. Late for an appointment. kingugaijuk. He arrived too late to meet someone.

kingugak   Back of the leg from the calf to the buttock. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kinguk Behind, in space or time., Sea louse. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin n. kingunngani It at the back. kinguvasittuk. The seals come later than usual. kingunuttatajuk. It is full of sea lice.

kingulia Second one. Ref: Watts

kingullimik   Second (next) one., Next time., Afterwards. Ref: Watts kingullimik puigul‰nnak. The second one is better. Don't forget the next time.

kingullip‰k   Last one. kingullip‰ngulittuk. It is now the last one.

kingumut Backwards. kingumut ingiggajuk. It is moving backwards.

kingunngujivuk   Inherits. v.

kinguppiak Go backwards. v. Motak kinguppiajuk. The boat is going astern.

kingupvak   Shrimp (Pandalus borealis). n.

kingutuk   Puffin (Common puffin, Fratercula arctica). Ref: Brice-Bennett

kinguv‰k   Descendant. n. Ref: Peacock

kinik Lap, where one carries something. n. Soak. v. kenaujakka kininni. I carry my money in my lap. kinivuk. It is soaked. kinirmip‰ She has carried it in the front panel of her parka or her apron.

kinitagutik Shake a chain at dogs. v. Chain brake for Kamutik runner. n. kinitagutitsijuk. He is shaking the chain at the dogs to make them run faster. kinitagutimmut sukkailititsijuk. He uses the chain for a brake.

kinnganikut Dregs. n. kinnganikutuinnaulittut. Only the dregs are left.

kinngik   Gap. n. kinngimut katajuk. He fell into the gap.

kinngik   Gap between teeth or anything missing, deficient. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kinngomak Miss. v. kinngomanngitaga. I don't miss it.

kipaluk   Servant. n. Crew member. n. kipalunga. His servant. kipalungit. His crew.

kipik   Cut. v. Homesick. v. kipijanga. He cut it. kipijuk. He is homesick. kipisimajuk Who or want has been cut.

kipput   Dike in a river. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kipujungavuk Stumbles in speaking, stutters or stammers over words. v.

kipungauttut   Back to front or tip to toe (articles of the same kind, pencils in a box of people in a line). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kipuppok   Those two are uneven.

kipviapuk Fills. v.

kisak Anchor. v. Anchor. n. kisajuk Kikittak saniani. It anchored by the island. Pingasunik kisalik. It has three anchors.

kisiani Only. kisiani Kauppat. Only tomorrow. kisianiKai aullagutta. We must go.

kiti   Seaward side. n. Putty. n. kitingani. On the seaward side of it. kitimik atujuk. He is using putty.

kititautik Scales for weighing. n. kittitautimmut ililauguk. Put it on the scales.

kititsik Count. v. Spell. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin kititsigunnangituk. He can't count.

kitjak Cut hair. v. kitjatausimajuk. He has had a hair cut.

kitjattak Caribou carcass without the head and legs. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kitjautek   Scissors. n. kitjautennut kipilauguk. Cut it with scissors. kitjaumilauguk. Cut it. kitjaumittup‰ He cuts it with scissors.

kitjituk   Warm. v. kitjij‰ttuk He sweats, perspires.

kitsak   Sad. v. kitsajuk He is sad. kitsanattuk. Deplorable. Ref: Peacock

kitsanik Sadness. n. Ref: Peacock

kitsautik   Dried deer fat from around the stomach. n. Ref: Noggasak

kittautik    Weighing scale. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kittitak   Weigh on scales. v. kittitas‰guk. Weigh it first.

kittugak Break. v. Nuluajak kittugavuk. The string snapped. kittugatsimajuk It's broken.

kittugejautik   Bug spray (insecticide). n. Ref: Dorais

kittugiak   Mosquito. n. kittugiakulualuit! Nuisance mosquitoes!

kiuk Answer. v. kiulauguk. React to his statement. kiuvuk. He answered.

kiumajotik Quarrel. v. kiumajotijok. They are quarrelling.

kivik   Sink. v. Lift. v. kiviv‰? Did it sink? kivino‑on? Can you lift it?

kiviligekkutik   Braces for trousers. n. kiviligekkutikkajuk. He is wearing braces.

kivilingak Dropping one's trousers. v. kivilingajuk. His pants are halfway down his legs. Ijegik kivilingajok. He has drooping eyes.

kivinik Water on ice under snow. n.

koga Marble; a loan word from English (core). Ref: Dorais

koguk   Groove. n. koguk sanilik. The groove is dusty.

koguk   Rear rifle sight. n. Ref: Dorais

kok   River. n. Brook. n. Flow. v. kogiluk. A big waterfall. kokuluk. A small brook. kojuk maunga. It is flowing this way.

kokkusivuk   Shoots to the left. v.

kokkuviak   Whistle. v. Whistle. n. kokkuviajuk. He is whistling. kokkuvialiujuk. He is making a whistle.

koku   Hot choclate (cocoa). n. Ref: Dorais

kolti Gold; a loan word from English. Ujaminga kolti. Her necklace is gold.

kopvik   Water pipe. n. Ditch. n. kopvik Kuasimajuk. The water pipe is frozen. kopvimi nalajuk. He is lying in the ditch.

koti   God; loan word from English.

kotinnguak Statue. n. Ref: Dorais

kotinngualik   Roman Catholic. He has a false god.

kotsik   Hip joint (where the femur joins the pelvis). n.

kotsin‰k Hips. n.

kotsiutik   Lord and lady (Harlequin duck, Histrionicus histrionicus). n. Ref: Murphy

kotuk Feet turning inward (sc says outward). v. kotujuk. His feet are turned inward.

kuannik Kelp type of edible seaweed (alaria kelp, Alaria esculenta ) [Inuit eat centre stem 2-3 centimetres wide]. n. Vegetable 'hair' eaten by Inuit. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin kuanninik iKiatsijuk. He hooked up some seaweed.

kuapakut   Co-operative; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais

kuigemik Pig. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kuigengi    Pig. n. kuigengingiuj‰ttuk. He looks like a pig.

kuik Seal's hind flipper bones. n. Ref: Peacock

kuitijuitukuluk? Smutty harp (starveling Harp seal). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

kujapiguk Backbone, spine of any big game. n. kujapittutuk She eats vertebra meat (dish served to women in traditional feasts)

kukik Nail (finger or toe). n. Tractor track. n. Claw. n. kukejajuk. He is cutting his nails. kukejuk. His nail came off.

kukisiutik   Nail polish. n.

kukkik Something stuck between the teeth. v. kukkijuk. He gets something stuck between his teeth.

kukkilingijautik Tooth pick. n. Ref: Dorais

kukuk   Hood. n. kukujuk. He puts on his hood. kukuppalik. He has a big hood.

kukupp‰k Point of a dickey hood. n.

kul‰ngi   Dog other than a husky. n. kul‰ngialutuinnak. It is only a cracky.

kulluk Thumb. n. kulluituk. A person with a thumb missing. kulluga. My thumb.

kullupuk   River is bad.

kumak Louse. n. kumalik. He has lice.

kumik   Scratch. v. kumijuk. He is scratching.

kummagutiv‰ Takes away someone's goods.

kumuniuni Holy communion; a loan word from English.

kunik Kiss. v. kunittaujuk. She is being kissed. kuninnivuk. He kissed her.

kupanuak Paserine, any type of sparrow. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kusik Drip. v. kusijuk. It is dripping.

kusisivik   Funnel for pouring liquid. n. Ref: Dorais

kusitsiak   Solder. n. kusitsiamut ‰kKigajattuk. It can be fixed with solder.

kusugak Icicle. n.

kutailtak   Roofing felt. n. kutailtat‰janga. He put roofing felt on it.

kutappuk   Stutters, pronounces incorrectly. v. kutaguti What is pronounced in correctly. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kutjangak Upside down. v. kutjangajuk. It is upside down.

kutsasuk   Serious, Careful look on your face. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kutsitagusik? Shaky tale (american pipit, anthus spinoletta). n. Ref: Murphy

kutsitak White cap or head sparrow (white-crowned sparrow, Zonotrichia leucophrys). n. Ref: Murphy

kutsualuk Pitch. n. kutsualummut inngagekkutit‰juk. It is water proofed with pitch.

kutsuk Chewing gum. n. kutsutugumaven? Would you like some chewing gum?

kuttungajuk Bow-legged.

kuvig‰k   Slop bucket. n. kuvig‰k anilauguk. Go and empty the slop bucket.

kuvijuk   Shower. n. Ref: Dorais

kuvik Spill. v. kuvivuk. It spilled.

kuvisik Pour out. v. kuvisivuk. He poured some out.

kuvisiutik Dropper. n. Ref: Dorais

kuviutik Tap (faucet). n. Ref: Dorais

kuvivik Funnel for pouring liquid. n. Ref: Dorais

K  -  k


K‰gautik   Firing pin. Ref: Dorais

K‰jok Bomb. n. K‰jottausimajuk. It has been bombed.

K‰juk   Feel cold temperatures (even in a snowhouse). v. K‰juttuk He is very cold, feels the cold. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

K‰k Explode. v. Squat. v. Top. n. mattress. n. K‰vuk. It exploded. K‰likKama. You are squatting me. K‰nga allatilauguk. Wipe the top of it. K‰tsaKanngituk. He has no mattress.

K‰nga   Top. Its top. K‰nganejuk. It's on top. T‰nna K‰nga. That is the top.

K‰ngani On top of. Itsivautau K‰ngani. On top of the chair.

K‰ngik Go past. v. K‰ngijuk. He goes past. K‰ngijavut. We passed it. K‰ngitsivuk. He goes past (in a race).

K‰tsuak Blister. v. K‰tsuajuk. He has a blister.

K‰tsuk Blister. n. K‰tsunga K‰juk. His blister busted.

K‰ttsivik   Detonator. Ref: Dorais

Kagaik Squat a lot of things. v. Paungani Kagaijuk. He is squatting the berries.

Kaggik Bleached by the sun in the air. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kaggimiuk Seated together for a meeting, conference. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kagguk   Miss. v. Kaggujauvuk. It is missed. Kaggusijuk. He shot over it.

Kagitak   Brain. n. Puijik Kagitanginnik nigilautsimaven? Have you ever eaten seals brains?

Kagitaujak Computer (like a brain). n. Anderson

Kaigulek   Birch tree. Ref: Murphy

Kaigulialuk   Bay harp (old male Harp seal). n.

Kaigulik    Bedlamer (mature Harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus). n.

Kaik   Come. v. Kaiget. Come here. Kaigasuaven? Are you going to come?

Kainguk Ballikater. n. Kainguk sanianejuk. He is by the ballikater (ice mound).

Kaitsik Give. v. Kaitsigit. Give me some. Kaitsigasuajuk. He is going to give you some.

Kaittuk   Rock bank. n. Granite. n. Kaittumi situgannguajut. They are sliding down the rock bank.

Kajagiak   Canoe. n. Kajagiakkojut. They are travelling on a canoe.

Kajak Sealskin boat of the Inuit. n. Kajattujuk. He is paddling a kayak. Kajaliujuk. He is making a kayak. Kajakujuk. He abandons his kayak where is overtaken by bad weather (high winds or a storm). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajatt‰vuk His kayak has a new skin. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajattujiak A kayaker. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajauguattuk A kayak that is easy to capsize. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajaujuk. A miniature kayak (skin covered frame of of walrus ivory). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajautak A kayak that's capsized by another kayaker or and animal. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kajippuk   Sole leather for white skin boots of the finest white colour. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kajottak Cup. n. Kajottanik s‰rnotsilaugit. Put some cups on the table.

Kajuk   Gravy. n. Kajutsiakulok! What a delicious gravy! Kajuliujuk. She is making gravy.

Kajutsajak Corn cob. n. Ref: Dorais

Kajutsak   Noodles. n. Ref: Dorais

Kakik   Haul oneself out of the water. v. Put on airs over newly-gained prosperity. v. Immini Kakivuk. He pulled himself out of the water without any assistance. Kakidlatuk. He was so poor; now he acts so grand. How pompous!

Kakkisuk Worn down by the wind. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

KakKak Hill. n. KakKamit takutsak. It can be seen from then hill. KakKaliajuk. He is going to the hill.

KakKoj‰Kulak Excursion bread. n. Sweet biscuit. n. KakKoj‰ggulaKangilagut. We don't have any sweet biscuits.

KakKoj‰luk Hard bread. n. KakKoj‰luttugumaven? Would you like some hard tack?

KakKojak Biscuit. n. KakKojattomajuk. He is eating biscuits.

KakKul‰k   Chew something hard. v. KakKul‰juk. He is eating something hard.

Kakugu   When? (in the future). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kakutajak   Bed sheet. Ref: Dorais

KaKialik   Repent. v. KaKialijuk. He repents.

KaKiannangituk Not exciting., Unpleasant. KaKiannangitumut tikitauvugut. Misfortune has befallen us.

KaKiannapuk Works badly.

KaKiannatuk Fun to be doing. Pleasant.

KaKuanngajuk Beige. Jaikanga KaKuanngajuk. His coat is beige.

KaKulok   Haydown or bawk (Greater shearwater, Puffinus gravis). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

KaKunnak Hoarfrost. n. Unnua KaKunnaniKuk. Last night, it was frosty. Everything is covered with hoarfrost.

KaKutsik Whiten. v. Pale. v. Silami KaKutsejaga. I am bleaching it outdoors. KaKutsivutit. You paled (nearly fainted).

KaKutt‰suk   White fox (Alopex lagopus). n. KaKutt‰sujuk. He shot a white fox.

KaKuttak White. n. Annug‰ga KaKuttak. My dress is white.

Kalak Boil. v. Finish cooking. v. Wake of fish. n. Kalav‰n? Are they cooked now? Kuleligait Kalangit. The capelins are surfacing on the water.

Kalasik   Navel. n. KalaseKijuk. Her belly-button is showing.

Kalilligek Pile one on top of another. v. Atuagait Kalilligettisimajangit. He has piled up the books.

Kalinguattuk   Growl once (dog). v. Kalingul‰juk The dogs growls continually for some time. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kalip‰k   Highest. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kallek Trousers. n.

Kallik   Panties. n. KalliKanngituk. She is not wearing panties.

Kallinitsajak   Felt. n. Ref: Peacock

Kallun‰k   Caucasian. n. White person. n. Kallun‰t niKingit. White man's food. Kallun‰tut uK‰lajuk. He is speaking English.

Kallun‰ngajuk Settler (livyer). n. Inuit decendant with mixed blood. n. Kallun‰nngajoven? Are you a settler? Are you part Inuit?

Kallun‰ttajak Cloth. n. Sewing material. n. Kallun‰ttajak utsualuinnak. The cloth is oily. Kallun‰ttajammit sanajausimajuk. It is made from cotton.

Kallutik Dipper. n. Kallutik inngalittuk. The dipper is leaky now.

Kallutiujak   Flat part of a caribou horn. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kalotik   Water pump. n. Boat bailer. n. Kalotiliujuk. He is making a water bailer for the boat. Kalotitsavut ‰kKisuttaulittuk. Our water pump is being set up.

Kalugiak   Spear, lance for hunting. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kaluigutik Electric beater. Ref: Dorais

Kalunik Lard or shortening. n. Kalunitt‰Kauv‰n? Did you put lard in it?

Kaluvuk Dips several times with a cup or dipper. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kamigutik   Electric switch. Ref: Dorais

Kamik Dought. v. Kamilauguk. Put out the fire. Kamivuk. The light went out.

Kamitsiutik   Electric plug (male). Ref: Dorais

Kammak   Wall. n. Kammamejuk. It is on the wall.

Kammatuk? Edible Labrador plant ? n.

Kammatuppuk   Calls the dogs together. v.

Kamna This one, this inside. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kamutik    Sled. n. Kamutimmejuk. It is on the sled.

Kanak   Tent pole. n. Crosspieces of a seal screen. n. Kanatsiujuk. He is looking for a tent pole.

Kanaksak Construction scaffolding. n. Ref: Dorais

Kanga   When? Kanga tikiniattuk? When will it arrive? Kanganen taimailingalittung? How long has it been like that? KangaKiak I don't know when. Ref: Watts Kangalonet. Never. Ref: Watts Kangatuinak Anytime Ref: Watts

Kangatsin‰k Upper lip. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kangattaivik Hook for hanging clothes. n. Ref: Dorais

Kangattak   Lift. v. Kangattalauguk. Lift it up. Kangattatuk Bird, plane soars, rises in the air.

Kangattauj‰pvik Swing. n. Ref: Dorais

Kangattautik   Baby swing. n. Ref: Dorais

Kangiak Neice or nephew of a man. n.

Kani   Honey, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais

Kanigasak   Germy food or drink. n. Kanigasannik nigiKattanak. Don't eat food that has been touched by someone else.

Kanik   Mouth. n. Kanialok. You big mouth. Kanituinnak. He is all mouth. Kanimminotsijuk. He put it in his mouth.

Kanimak   Sick. v. Kanimaven? Are you sick? Kanimajuk. He is ill.

Kanimmasik Disease. n. Sickness. n. Sunamikiak Kanimmasilik. He has some kind of disease. Kanimmasimmut nungutausimajut. They were wiped out by the flu.

Kaninngitugiak   Further. It is further.

Kaninngituk Far. Kaninngitongituk. It is not far. Kaninngitumettuk. He is far away. He lives in a distant place.

Kaninngotik Microphone. n.

Kanippalotik   Harmonica. Ref: Dorais

Kanittuk   Close or nearby. Kanittukuluk. It is very close. Kanittoj‰ttuk. It looks as if it is close.

Kanivaut   Diaphram. n. Ref: Peacock

Kannguik Snore. v. Kannguijuk. He is snoring. KannguiKattaven? Do you snore?

Kannik   Snow. v. snowfall. n. Kannivuk. It is snowing.

Kanningaj‰ttuk   Angry, mad. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kanuitsatailik   Patient, indulgence for him. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kapuk   Froth. n. Kapoj‰ttuk. It is like froth.

Kapulik Froth at the mouth. v. Kimmik Kapulijuk. The dog is frothing at the mouth.

Kapviasiak Marten (Martes americana). n.

Kapvik Climb up. v. Carcashoe (Wolverine, Gulo gulo). n. Kapvivuk. He climbed up.

Kasigiak    Hair seal (Ranger seal). n. Dotter (old Ranger seal). n. Kasigianniagiattujut. They are going ranger seal hunting.

Kasilik Hurt. v. Ot‰simanniga Kasilijuk. My burnt spot is hurting.

Kasuk   Becomes calm (weather). v. Loosen. v. Kasuvuk. It became calm. Kasungajuk. It is loose.

Kat‰k Become pale in the face, to appear ill. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kataittuk High-tuned. Kataittusuak. His voice is very high.

Katangutik Cousin. n. Katangutiatsuga. My dear cousin.

Katigak   Upper part of body. n. Waist. n. Katigaga ‰nniajuk. The upper part of my body is sore.

Katitujuk Deep voice., Bass, contralto.

Katjak Scrape fat off seal skin. v.

Katjanik    Blubber scrapings. n. Katjanet Kimminolaukkit. Give the blubber scrapings to the dogs.

Katjituk Pie bird (Common golden eye, Bucephala clangula). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Katjuk Arrow. n. Katjunga nakajuk. His arrow broke.

Katjululivik Elevated stage for storing food. n. Ref: ?

Katjusak   Fish hook. n. Jigger. n. Katjusanga nitsijuk. His jigger got caught in the bottom.

Katsauk Wobby (Red-throated loon, Gavia stellata). n. Katsauniajuk. He hunting wobbies.

Katsinik How many? KatsiniKalikKen? How old are you? Ref: Noggasak

Katsitak Knoll. n. Lump. n. Katsitammi iluvinga. His grave is on the knoll. Katsitalik niaKummini. He has a lump on his head. Katsittuk It's bulged outward, sticking up or humped.

Katsiugutik   Kettle. n. Katsiugutik imat‰lauguk. Fill the kettle.

Kattak Bucket. n. Pail. n. Kattak tatajanga. He filled the bucket.

Katuinn‰k   Superficial in one's thinking. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kaugulik   Beetle. n. Kaugulik siutinganut pulasimalauttuk. A beetle had crawled into his ear.

Kaujigatsak   News. n. Notice. n. Kaujigatsanik atuatsijuk. He is reading the notices. KaujigatsaKaven? Do you have any news?

Kaujik Discover. v. Realize. v. Understand. v. Kaujiv‰? Has he found out? Kaujisimalittuk sallutujoninganik. He has realized that she is a liar. Kaujititautsiagialik. She must be given complete understanding. We must make sure she understands.

Kaujikkaivuk Betrays. v.

Kaujimajaujuk Known thing. She is known. v.

Kaujimak Know. v. Kaujimajaga. I know him. Kaujimajuk. He knows. Kaujimaven? Do you know?

Kaujimangik   Faint. v. Lose consciousness. v. Kaujimangisok. She gets the fits. Kaujimangivuk. She fainted. She lost consciousness.

Kaujimanni   Guide. n.

Kauk Poke. v. Forehead. n. Sunrise. n. Kaujanga ijingagut. He poked him in the eye. KaukKutujuk. He has a big brow. Kauvuk. The sun rose.

Kaulik Keep poking. v. Kingamminik Kaulijuk. He is picking his nose. Kamimminik Kaulijuk. He is stretching his boots. Kaulijuk kiatsautimmik. He is poking at the ashes in the stove.

Kauliutik Wooden stick for stretching dry skin boots (This tool has a wooden base on which the feet are placed to keep it upright and a rounded end that's used for stretching dried or shrunken skin boots.). n.

Kaumak Bright. v. Light. v. Shine. v. Kaumajuk. It is a light color. It is shining. Kaumaluatatuk. It is too bright.

Kaummalak Flash. v. Lightning. n. Kaummalavuk. It flashed. Kaummal‰vuk. The lightning is flashing.

Kausek   Wet. v. Kausejuk. His socks and feet are wet. KausellaKijuk. He got a little wet. Kauseliven? Did you get wet?

Kauseligekkutik Umbrella. n.

Kausittuk Wet. Kausittualuk. It is too wet.

Kausiut   Daytime star, like a planet at sunrise/sunset. n. Ref: Peacock

Kavanganik   South easterly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget

Kek Parched with thirst. v. Grey hair. n. KelikKunga. My throat is parched. Keluvinilik. He has a lot of gray hairs.

KekKuat   Algae. n. Ref: Peacock

Ketik Last agony, in the spasms of the agony of death. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kiak   Cry. v. Kiajuk. He is crying. Kiadlanak. Don't cry.

Kiannatuk   Onion. n. Kiannatunik agguijuk. He is cutting up onions. Kiannatong? Does it make you cry? Is it an onion?

Kianngul‰vuk Whistling noises made. v.

Kibjak Twisted tobacco. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kigatak   Stiff. v. Kigatajuk. It is stiff.

Kigattak Stiffen. v. Kigattajuk. It became stiff.

Kiggavik    Goshawk (Northern goshawk, accipter gentilis). Ref: Murphy

Kigguit   Rock pile. n. Kigguinijisimajuk. He is hiding behind the pile of rocks.

Kijuk Wood. Kijuttagiajuk. He has gone to get some wood. Kijummik s‰lik. He has a wooden table.

Kijukuluk   Twig. n. Stick of wood. n. Kijukulummut anauniakKat. Hit him with a stick of wood.

Kikailak    Active person, someone who is always busy. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kikajuittuk   One who is never inactive.

Kikak   Stay in one place. v. Rear. v. Off work or on holiday. v. Kikajuk. He is not working. He is doing nothing.He is on holiday. Kikalautsimangituk. He is always busy. He is never still.

Kikattuk   Man who does not go on a hunting but instead stays a home to do small jobs. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kikiggak   Noise of movement. n. Noise of engine in the distance. n. Kikiggagil‰juk. The noise of the engine can be heard in the distance. The distant murmur of a motor boar.

Kikittak Island. n. Kikitt‰luk. A big island. Kikittakuluk. A small island.

Kikittaujak   Tidal island or peninsula. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kikittaukak Archipelago, several nieghbouring island. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kikkiggak   Crunching sound underfoot. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

KikKak   Middle. KikKani. In the middle.

KikKuak   Seaweed. n. KikKuat Kuinagijakka. I am ticklish of the seaweed.

KiKsek   Resistent, to not want something. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kilak Tie. v. Sky. n. Heaven. n. Roof of mouth. n. Kilaigasuajuk ukkuaminik. He is going to tie his door. Kilammi nuvujaKavuk. There are clouds in the sky. Kilalial‰kKoKen? Do you think you will go to heaven? Kilannut nipijuk. It stuck on to the roof of my mouth.

Kilalugak White whale (Beluga, delphinpterus leucas). n. Kilaluganniajut. They are hunting a white whale.

Kilamik Later on, in a little bit ( of time). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kilan‰giv‰   Desperately wants it now (athing which he has rights to and which his is certain to obtain). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kilatsiutik Hair ribbon. n. Ref: Dorais

Kilaunnguak   Chain. n. Kilaunnguakajuk Kimmik. The dog is wearing a chain. Ujamimma Kilaunguanga siKumivuk. The chain on my necklace broke.

Kilaut   Inuit drum. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kilautik String. n. Drum used by Labrador shamen. n. Ref: Dorais Kilautitsamittok. I wish I had some string.

Kilitsik   Braid. v. Kilitsilaunga. Braid my hair.

Kilittik   Braids. n. Kilittika tuappingajut. My braids are in a mess.

Killagittuk Fir tree. n. Ref: Murphy

Killalugak   White fish. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Killik Shine. v. Killivuk. It shines.

Killisaigutik Polish. n. KillisaigutiKaven? Do you have any polish (or wax)?

Killisaik    Polish. v. Killisaijuk Kititlimimminik. He is polishing his ring.

Killisak Polish. v. KillisaniakKat. Make sure you polish it. Killisajanga. He is polishing it. He polished it.

Killitak   Shiny. Ujaminga Killitak. Her shiny necklace.

KilluKut   Bolt (to close a door or gate). KilluKusipp‰ She bolts it shut. KilluKutj‰pp‰ He unbolts it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kilommivuk Shivers out of fear. v.

Kilujik Cramps. v. Shiver. v. Kilujijuk. He has the cramps. He is twitching.

Kiluk Bark. v. Kilujuk. The dog is barking.

Kilullagak   Play the guitar. v. guitar. n. Kilullagasonguven? Can you play the guitar? KilullagaKavunga. I have a guitar.

Kilullagaujak Banjo. n. Kilullagaujak akitujualuk. The banjo is very expensive.

Kilullak Trigger on a gun. n. Ref: Dorais

Kim‰k Flee. v. Kim‰juk. He is running away.

Kimak Leave behind. v. Kimajavut. We left it behind. Kimattak Derelict. Ref: Peacock

Kimatulivik   Food cache. n. Ref: Peacock

Kimigguak Look at magazines. v. Kimigguajut. They are looking at magazines.

Kimigguatuat Comics, Newspaper. Ref: Dorais

Kimigguk Inspect. v. Examine. v. Sight-see. v. Look at. v. Kimiggusiallugu. Examine it carefully. Kimiggutaugialik. It must be inspected. Kimiggugiattulaulluk. Let's go sight-seeing.

Kimiggutik Tongue depressor. Ref: Dorais

Kimigiak   Eye-lash. n. Kimigiakka naittusuat. My eye-lashes are very short.

Kimik   Choke. v. Kimittausimajuk. He was strangled.

Kimilluk   Back of neck. n. Spine. n. Stem of a plant. n. Kimilluga ‰nniajuk. The back of my neck is sore. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kimmiagulak Puppy. n. Pingasunik Kimmiagulalik. It has three puppies.

Kimmik Inuit dog. n. Kimminga isumaitsijuk. His husky has the rabies.

KimmiKutitsak    Dog food. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kimminguak   Pine or spruce cones. n. Toy dog. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kimuk Haul a sled. v. Kimugiujuk. This is the first time this dog has been in a team.

Kimutjuk Snow drift. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kimutsik   Travel by dog-team. v. Dog-team. n. Kimutsijut. They are travelling by dog-team. Kimutset sakKivut. A dog-team came in sight.

Kinajuk Furious with pain (man or animal). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kinaujok   Squall hawk (Northern hawk-owl, Surnia ulula). n. Kinnuajok mannilik. The squall owl has eggs.

Kinaujuk?   Squall hawk (Northern hawk-owl, Surnia ulula). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Kingak Nose. n. Kingaga aun‰juk. My nose is bleeding.

Kinidlik Tonsils. n. Kinidliligijuk. He has bad tonsils.

Kinigutik Telescope, spyglass, table of contents (what is used to search for something). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kinik Search. v. Look for. v. KinittaulikKutit. They are searching for you. Kinijuk. He is looking for something.

Kiniutik Tuning dial on a radio. n. Ref: Dorais

Kinnagiak   Bad mood, angry. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kinngak Squint from the sun. v. Kinngap‰. It is too bright.

Kinngutik   Binoculars. n. Spy glass. n. Kinngutimmut takutsak. It can be seen with a spy glass.

Kinnisoti   Lever, pincers. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kinnit‰gak Black person. n. Kinnit‰gammik takulautsimangilanga. I've never seen an African.

Kinnitak   Black. n. Kinnitanik nujalik. He has black hair.

Kinnuajok   Hawk (rough legged hawk, buteo lagopus). Ref: Ittulak

Kinnual‰k   Scream. v. Kinnual‰ttisijuk. He is making them scream.

Kinnusak Make someone impatient. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kinuak   First thin ice. n. Something asked for. n. T‰nna Kinuanga. That is what he ordered.

Kinuinnik   Patience. n. KinuinniKajigimaittuk. He has no patience whatsoever.

Kinuittuk Patient. He is patient.

Kinuk   Ask for. v. Order. v. Request. v. Plead. v. Kinuv‰tit. He asked for you. KinukKaujuk kenaujamminik. He asked for his money.

Kipik Cover with a blanket. v. Blanket. n. Kipilauguk. Cover him up. Kipimminik iggutuijuk. She is washing out her blankets. Kipik Kakuttajat. Sheets.

Kipiluk   Refuse. v. Kipiluttauniangilatit. You will not be refused.

Kiputak Score (scratch lines in something). Ref: Dorais

Kiputalik Wrench. Pejaitik Kiputalik Removing wrench. Ref: Dorais

Kisek Take off the skin. v. Seal skin pants. n. Kisettausimajuk. It has been skinned. Atugasuaven Kisenning? Are you going to wear your seal skin pants?

Kisigik Drizzle, light rain.

Kisik Seal skin with its fur. n. Kisimminik aullaijuk. He is selling his seal skin.

Kisiligik    Scrape fat off seal skin. v. Kisiligijuk. She is cleaning a seal skin.

Kisittotik Green boughs. n. Inuviatsiutiliujuk Kisittotinnit. She is making Christmas wreaths out of boughs.

Kisuk Vapour, steam that rises from a lake before is freezes. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kitidlimik   Jewelry ring. n. Kitidlimitsiavait! What a beautiful ring you have!

Kitigaligepat   Afternoon. Ref: Watts

Kitigalitsiut Midday dinner. n. Kiligalimi At dinner (lunchtime) Ref: Noggasak

Kitik   Centre. n. Waist. n. Small of back. n. Kitinganejuk. It's in the centre. It's on his waist. Kitiga ‰nniajuk. My back is sore.

Kitikisautik Foundation garment, corset or girdle. n. Ref: Dorais

Kitjaluak Screw. n. Kitjalualeng? Does it have a screw? Kitjaluale? Where is the screw?

Kitjiugak Junk of firewood. n. Kitjiugannik it‰kKailaugit. Bring in the junks.

Kitjiuk Chop wood. v. Kitjiugiattujuk. He has come (or gone) to chop firewood.

Kitsiak Spit on someone, shout them down. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kitsik   Receive it (seal skin) as your share of the kill. v. Give it (seal skin) as someone's share of the kill. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kitsimig‰k Look slyly. v. Kitsimig‰juk. He has a sly look.

Kitsuak   Scratch (repeatedly). v. Kitsuaniajuk. He is scratching (at someone).

Kitsuk Scratch (once). v. Kitsugualuk. He who scratches. Kitsutauven? Did you get scratched?

Kittusik Stiffen. v. Kittusivuk Kisik. The sealskin has stiffened.

Kitunngak   Child. n. Pingasunik Kitunngalik. She has three children. Kitunnginasuttuk She is giving birth to a child.

Kitunnganguak    Play with dolls. v. Doll. n. Kitunganguajuk. She is playing with dolls. Kitunganguanga nut‰k. Her doll is new.

Kituttuk Soft.

Kiujak Cold. v. Kiujaven? Are you cold? Kiujanngilanga. I am not cold.

Kiujanattuk Cold., Cold weather. Kiujanav‰? Is the weather cold? Kiujananngilak. It is not cold. Kiujananngituk. It (object) is not cold.

Kiutungiak? Teal (Blue-winged teal, anas discors). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Kiviak   Turn your head to look. v. Kiviaget. Turn your head. Ilonnatik Kiviavut. They all turned their heads to took.

Kivittautik Hinge. n. Ref: Dorais

Kok Become angry. v. Reduce something too big, make it narrower, smaller (trouse belt, a tear, and opening.). Koven? Did you get angry? Are you angry? KokKauven? Did you get angry? Kolliuppuk. It breaks its way through a narrow opening. Kotipp‰ He reduces something too big, makes it narrower, smaller. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kokak   One who is easily angered. Kokakulualuk. You bad-tempered thing.

KokKuk Tin container. n. KokKumejuk. It's in the tin. KokKusajak. Made of tin.

Komik Dance, hop (dividing, opening legs and and bringing them together again). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kommipuk Close (He closes legs of scissors, etc.). v.

Kongak   Angry. v. Kongajuk. He is angry.

Kosautik   Causes frustration or anger. Vonnialuvut Kosautituinnait. Our telephones are useless.

Kuagak   Dwarf willow (net-vein willow, a plant with edible leaves used in salad, boiled in tea or as bandaids, Salix reticulata). n. Ref: Aichen Ref: Ittulak

Kuaj‰k Soapy liniment, ointment against rheumatism. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuajautik Black moss on rocks (lichen)? Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuajok Cement. n. Plaster. n. Ref: Dorais

Kuak Freeze. v. Perish by exposure and cold. v. Anything frozen. n. Kuav‰? Is it frozen now? Kuasimajut. They had frozen. They died of exposure. Kuattugumaven? Do you want some frozen meat?

KuaKautik Refridgerator. n. Ref: Dorais

Kuannatuk Sub-zero weather. KuannatolikKuk. It is sub-zero weather.

Kuasak   Slippery (black) ice, freezing rain, any ice so slippery as to cause on to fall.

Kuatjuk Point of land. n. Kuatjumi illulet. They have their house on a point of land.

Kuatjulik square headed object. n. Needle with a square head. n. Wooden beam. n. Kamiliuliguvit Kuatjulimmik atuniakKutit. When you sew skin boots, use a needle with a square head. Kuatjulingit illuta pijagesimalittut. The beams on our house are now finished.

Kuats‰k Frightened. v. Startle. v. Kuatsven? Did you get a fright? Kuats‰jaga. I startled her.

Kuats‰nattuk Electricity. n. Causes a shock. n. Battery. n. Electric plug (female). Ref: Dorais

Ñ n. Ref: Dorais Kuats‰nattutausimajuk. An electric kettle. The kettle works through electricity. He works with electricity. He has been electrocuted.

Kuatsevik Freezer. n. Fish-freezing plant. n. Kuatsevimmejut iKaluit. Your trout are in the freezer. Kuatsevimmi suliaKajuk. She is working in the fish plant.

Kuattak Pin worm found in the intestines. n. Ref: Peacock

Kuigiattuvik Toilet. n. Outhouse. n. Kuigiattuviliajuk. He is gone to the washroom.

Kuik   Urinate. v. Genitalia. n. Kuisuven? Do you want to go to the toilet? Puijik Kuingit. A seal's hind parts.

Kuikak   Person with urinary tract problem. Kuikakulualuk. A bed-wetter.

Kuillak   Fat. Kuillatannak. A fat person. KuillauluadlalikKing‰? Am I too fat now?

Kuinak   Ticklish. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuinalupa   How disgusting! Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuinats‰k   Tickle. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuing‰luk   Oh-my-gosh!(excalimation of feal or disgust, real or imagined). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuinijuk   Chubby.

Kuinngigagettuk Rubber pants. n. Ref: Dorais

Kuinngilitak   Diaper. n. Ref: Dorais

Kuitt‰k   Slip and fall. Kuittaj‰nnatuk It is slippery. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuittisautik Fattening, fat or fatness. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuittuk   Cough. v. Kuittuniannak. Don't cough. Kuittuven? Did you cough?

Kujalik   Thankful. v. Appreciate. v. KujalilaukKunga, ikajuttaugama. I was thankful for being helped. I appreciated the assistance.

Kujana Never mind., It doesn't matter. Kujan‰tuinnajaga. I just gave up on it. Kujan‰lunguna. Leave it alone.

Kujapigak   Spine. n. Ref: Watts

Kukigiak   Shoot at. v. Kukigialaugit. Take a shot with the gun. Kukigiattauvugut. Someone shot at us.

Kukik   Shoot. v. Explode. v. Kukivuk. He shot. It exploded.

Kukiutiaguk Rifle, .22 calibre. n. Ref: Dorais

Kukiutik   Gun. n. Ref: Dorais

Kukiutitak Gun barrel. n. Ref: Dorais

KukKuk Can (for canned food). n. Ref: Dorais

KuKuajok   Saxaphone. n. Ref: Dorais

KuKuak Shout. v. KuKuajuk. He is shouting.

KuKugak Keep shouting. v. KuKugadlanak. Don't shout.

KuKuppuk Screams out loud.

Kul‰k   Ceiling. n. Upstairs. n. Attic. n. Seal skin roof in a snow house. n. Kul‰nejuk. He is upstairs. Kul‰nogasuaven? Are you going to the attic? Kul‰vut upvagialik. The ceiling needs cleaning. Kul‰Kanngituk. It has no ceiling.

Kulalik   Give up hope. v. Despair. v. KulaligiaKalunngilagut. We must not despair.

Kulannak Someone of whom we are despairing. Kulannatolittuk. It is expected that he will not live.

Kulaut‰jok Skipping. Ref: ly

Kulek   Back. n. Kulega ungilajuk. My back is itchy.

Kuleligak Capelin, outside and bay (Mallotus villosus). n. Kuleliganniajut. They are after capelin.

Kuleligaujak   Smelt (Osmerus mordax). Ref: Jararuse

Kulelik   Saddler (Great black-backed gull, Larus marinus). Kulelialuittingisivut. The saddlers took flight.

Kuligutsivik Shelf. n. Kuligutsivimmolauguk. Put it on the shelf.

Kulik Top. Kulinganejuk. It is on top. It is on the upper one.

Kulit   Ten (from Kulik, upper limbs). Kuliugutinga His tenth, his tenth unit or part. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kulitak   Woman's skin coat with tails in the back and front. n. Kulitakkajuk. She is wearing a skin coat.

Kulivitsivik   Shelf. n. Kulivitsiviliujuk. He is making a shelf.

Kulliak   Resin. n. Spruce gum. n. Drool. v. Drip on something. v. Kilisimanninga Kulliat‰janga. He put spruce gum on his cut. Kulliajuk. He is drooling. Kullianiannagu. Don't drip on it.

Kullik   Traditional Inuit lamp. n. Electric lights. n. Upper part. Kullik isiul‰juk. The lamp chimney is getting sooty, while lighted. Kullivut ikumatsiagunnaimaittut unnusak. Our lights are pretty dim tonight. Kullingani sininialikKutit. You can sleep on the upper (bunk).

KulliKuliak Ring necked bird (Semipalmated plover, Charadrius semipalmatus) (word sounds like the bird). n. Ref: Murphy

Kullualak Twitch a little. v. Kullualavuk. It twitched a little.

Kullugiak Snake. n. Worm. n. White hairless larva. n. Kullugiattausimajuk. He has been bitten by a snake.

Kulluk Run down. v. Chop up a junk of wood. v. Kullupuk. The water runs down. Kitjiugait Kullulaukkit. Chop up the junks of wood into smaller pieces.

Kullungajuk Bud of a flower. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kullupp‰   Tear up a letter in several pieces. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kullusuguk   Keel. n. Kullusugunganik sanajuk. He is making the keel of the boat.

Kullutsivuk   Folds. v.

Kullutuk   Crack in many places, ice in the tidal zone, ivory, wood. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuluappuk Wind in his stomach.

Kulugiak   Spear. n.

Kulusuk Back, spine of a bird. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kulutsitik   Chaulking iron. n.

Kumak Worms of pools and lakes. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kumepp‰   Pulls arm out of sleeve.

Kumiuk Save something for someone. v. Kumiujanga. He saved something for her for when she returns. Kumiggusipp‰. He has given him something reserved for him. Kumiggut. Object reserved for someone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kummegak Bun of hair worn by the women of Labrador (hair bound behind, with small plaits in in front?). Kummegaut. Ribbon for tying plaited hair. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kummuak   Go up in the air. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kummuatisiutikvik. An elevator Ref: Dorais

Kummuatattuk Crankshaft. n. Ref: Dorais

Kummut    Upwards. Igilauguk Kummut. Throw it upwards.

Kungak   Smile. v. Kungajuk. He is smiling. He smiled.

Kungasekkutik Scarf. n. Kungasekkutiga aupuluttak. My red scarf.

Kungaseltak Bandana. n. Kungaseltakkajuk. She is wearing a bandana.

Kungasigutik Necktie. n. Ref: Dorais

Kungasik Neck. n. Collar. n. Kungasiga ‰nniajuk. My neck is in pain. Kungasinga jaikamma alivuk. The collar of my coat tore.

Kungulik Sorrel, an edible plant often found near bird nests (Oxyria digyna). n.

Kunguliujak Herb with spoon shaped leaves: chochlearia. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuniguk    Feathers. n. Eider down. n. Akitiliujuk Kunigunnit. He is making a down pillow.

Kunn‰k Split.

Kunn‰k Crack, crevasse in rock or earth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kunnik   Inshore ice. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kunuj‰k    Carry an omen of death. v. Kupanuak itikKaujuk; Kunuj‰jukulualuk. A bird came into the house; it is an omen of death.

Kunuk Unwilling. v. Refuse to do something. v. Kunuven? You don't want to do it?

Kunulik Fade. v. Wither. v. Give up something that you had planned to do. v. Piguttuka Kunulivut. My flowers withered. Kunuliven? Have you changed your mind? Kunullivut. They have faded.

Kununnik   Unwillingness. n. Kununninga sakKij‰tsiamailittuk. His unwillingness is clearly visible.

Kunutujuk One who is always unwilling. An uncooperative person.

Kupanuak   Small bird (not used for food). Kupanuanniajutsaulunngilatit. You shouldn't be chasing small birds.

Kupanuakpak Horned lark (Eremophila alpestris). n. Lark, sky lark. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Kupanuanniut   Butcher bird (northern shrike, Lanius borealis). n.

Kupanuatsuak   Whiskey jack (gray jay, Perisoreus canadensis). n. Kupanuatsuak pitsiniajuk. The jay is after the dried fish.

Kupigguk Maggot. n. Niviuv‰luit Kupigguliujut. The blue flies are making maggots. Kupiggutaujuk. The maggots are eating it. Kupiggusimavuk. It's full of maggots

Kupik   Split. v. Kupiso‑on? Can you split it? Kitjiugak Kupivauk. He split the junk of wood.

Kupitjualuk Crocodile. n. Ref: Dorais

Kuppak   Crack, Split. n. Segment., Fragment. Kuppanga Kailauguk. Give me a part of it. Kuppamut katajuk. It fell into the crack.

Kuppaku   Peach. n. Ref: Dorais

Kuppalik   Pear. n. Ref: Dorais

Kuppik Turn a page. v. Kuppip‰. He turns the page.

Kupug‰k   Striped., Stripe. n. Striae only on sea ice in formation. Usinngasegik Kupug‰k. His pyjamas are striped. Kupug‰lik. It has stripes. Kuputattuk. The sea ice has stripes, striae in the ice as it is forming. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuput   Milky Way.

Kuputik Milky way. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kupvigik   Pour water. v. Kupvigilaunnga. Pour me some tea. Kupvigilauguk. Pour him some.

Kupvik Chamber pot. n. Toilet bowl. n. Bed pan. n. Urine bottle. n. Kupvitujuk. He is on the bed pan.

Kutiguppuk   Walks along the beach. v. Kutiguttuk He follows the shore at the foot of the cliff of foot by boat of on sled. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kutitsak White of the eye. n. Someone the white of whose eyes looks bad through illness. Kutitsalittuk. Kutitsittuk He has a white mark on the iris of the eye (a cataract Kuvittit‰ttuk. He has a cataract forming in his eye. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kutjaunak   Eel (Anguilla rostrata). n. Ref: Ittulak

Kutjautak Place for splitting wood. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kutjautak Wedge. n.

Kutjuk Swan. n.

Kutsal‰k   Frightened, discouraged, knocked down (said also of earth, a stone a house.). Kutsalaituk Giddy, enthusiastic, turbulant. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kutsipuk   High up. v.

Kutsittuk Situated above. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kutsuppuk Cries out at the top of her voice. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kutsutak   Yellow. n. Kutsutak illuga. My house is yellow.

Kuttugak   Thigh. n.

Kutuk   Collar bone. n.

Kuvianak Joy. n. Tikippat, Kuvianak! When it arrives, what joy!

Kuviananngituk   Sadness. n. Uvattinut Kuviananngitumik tikititsijuk. He has brought us sadness.

KuviasotiKak Ridicule. v. KuviasotiKatuinnatuk uvannik. He is only ridiculing me.

Kuviasuk   Happy. v. Kuviasujuk. He is happy. Kuviasonngituk. She is unhappy

Kuvitsalungajuk Someone who looks through of below out of ill humour with lowered head. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuvitsaluttuk Someone the white of of whose eyes look bad through illness. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Kuvvik Tears. n. Kuvvika katagajut. My tears are falling.

L  -  l


Laitak   Lighter; a loan word from English. LaitaKaven? Do you have a lighter?

Lomikek    Lube oil. n. Lomikett‰lauguk. Put some lube oil in it.

Lopi Lube oil; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais

Luivik   Lion. n. Luivimik takulautsimaven? Have you ever seen a lion?

M  -  m


M‰k Kiss. v. M‰launga. Rub noses with me.

M‰nakut   Now, at this moment. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

M‰nek Stay here. v. M‰negasuaven? Are you going to stay here?

M‰ni   Here. M‰nejuk. It is here.

M‰nisik The one closer here. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

M‰nna Now. M‰nna Kaigusuaven? Are you going to come now? M‰nna m‰nna. Right now. M‰nnaKamik Recently; lately Ref: Watts

M‰nngat    From here. Tigusiligit m‰nngat. Take some from here.

M‰pi   Mop; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais

M‰ppuk Yelps (dog).

M‰ttuk No more pain, his wound is healed. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Maggak   Clay. n. Dishes. n. Porcelain. Ref: Dorais Maggaka siKullutausimajut. He has gotten stuck in the mud. My dishes have been smashed.

MaggaKautik Cupboard. n. Maggatalimmejuk. It is in the cup board.

Maggaligik Wash dishes. v. Maggaligijuk. She is washing dishes. He is working at clay.

Maggaligiutik Wash rag, Liquid soap. Ref: Dorais

Maggasajak   Enamel. n. Porcelain. n. Maggasajammik Kupvilik. She has an enamel chamber pot. Maggasajaugami siKumisagaittuk. Because it is porcelain, it could break easily.

Maggatalik Cupboard. n. Maggataliliujuk. He is making a cupboard.

Magguk Two. n. Maggonik Kaitsilaugit. Give me two.

Magguliak   Twin. n. Maggulialik. She has twins. Magguliat. Twins. Maggulik. The two in a deck of cards Maggolingatut They're going n pairs Ref: Watts

Maike   Monkey. n. Ref: Dorais

Maippuk    Tender.

Majangavuk Falls easily.

Majiak Blessed Virgin. n. Ref: Dorais

Majiannguak   Religious sister, nun. n. Ref: Dorais

Majotik   Stairs. n. Ladder. n. Majotikkut. Through the stairs. Majotigagituk. He has no ladder.

Majotit Stairs. n. Majotilet. They have stairs in their home.

Majuk   Climb. v. Majuvuk. He climbed up. Majupvigilauguk. Climb up on it. Majulauguk. Climb it.

MajukKak   Steep slope. n. MajukKami minnguisilut. They are resting on top of the bank.

Majupvik   Place, thing used for climbing. n. Majupvimi pinnguajut. They are playing on the climbing equipment.

Makaloni Macaroni, spaghetti; a loan word from English. n.

Makiappuk Tears. v.

Makik   Rise from of bed. v. Rise, to stand up. v. Makiliget. Get out of bed now. Makitajuk. He is up (not in bed). It is upright.

Makitik Hip. n.

Makkak Top of the skull. n.

MakKaipuk   Gone out.

Makpilitak Shingle, tile. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Makua These. Makua ilakka. These are my relatives.

Makutiva   Overpowers him. v.

MaKaik Absent, far away, gone on a trip. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

MaKik Heal. v. Open. v. MaKijuk. It is healed. MaKitilauguk. Squeeze it so that the pus comes out.

MaKujuppuk   Detests. v. MaKujupp‰ Hhe has revulsion, aversion, distaste for him, her or it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mal‰sasi    Molasses; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais

Maligatsak Law. n. Rule. n. Guideline. n. MaligatsaKavuk pitjutiKajumik t‰tsuminga. There is a law pertaining to that. Maligatsaliujuk. He is making a rule.

Malik Follow. v. MaliniakKama. Follow me. Malijuk. He is following. Malittaujuk. He is being followed.

Malikat‰k   Bitch dog in heat. n. Malikat‰mmejuk. He is with the bitch in heat.

Malitjuagak Beach greens, used for medicinal tea (Beach sandwort, Honckenya peploides). n. Ref: Ittulak

Mallik Wave. n. Loppy. v. Mallialuk Kaijuk. A big wave is coming. Mallivuk. It is loppy.

Malugik Notice. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Malugusuk Suspect something. v. Notice. v. Feel one's drinks. v. Malugij‰n? Do you notice some thing about him? Malugusulaugaluattuk. At the time he suspected something was going on. Malugusuven? Are you feeling your drinks?

Mamagik   Like the taste or smell. v. Mamagiugitaga. I don't like the smell/taste of it.

Mamaitsak Not to like the taste or smell. v. Mamaitsajuk tup‰kiannimik. She doesn't like the smell of tobacco.

Mamaitsunik   Stink. v. Mamaitsunijuk anagiattuvik. The washroom is smelly.

Mamaittuk Smelly or stink. Mamaittusuak. It is some stink.

MamaittuKutik    Labrador Tea (ledum pulustre). n. Rosemary (the spice). Ref: Ittulak Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mamak   How good this tastes!

Mamammek Gulp down. v. Mamammelittuk. He is gulping it down.

Mamanngituk Stink. It stinks. Illunga mamanngituk. His house is terribly stink.

Mamatsak   Enjoy the taste or smell. v. Put on perfume. v. Mamatsusuat ukua piguttuit. These flowers smell very nice. An‰naga mamatsasualittuk. My mother is sure putting on the perfume.

Mamatsautik   Perfume. n. Mamatsautikkasainatuk. She is always wearing perfume.

Mamattuasujak    Pie. n. Ref: Dorais

Mamattuk   Delicious., Sweet., Sweet tinned fruit. n. Fruit salad. n. Mamattusuat igasimajatit. What you have cooked is delicious. UKummiagait ukua mamadluajatut. These candies are too sweet. Mamattunik pisiniakKutit. Buy some tinned fruit.

Mamik Heal. v. Mamijuk. It is healed.

Mammalik Orange marmalade. n. Ref: Dorais

Manettuk Rough., Rough spot. n. Manettoluattatuk allavigigianga. It is too rough to write on. Manettukogunnangituk. It cannot go through rough spots.

Mangapp‰ Slanders someone. v.

Mangitsik Bandage. v. Mangitsejuk. He is bandaging him. Mangitsik. He is bandaging himself.

Mangittak   Lamp wick. n. Wick in a stone lamp. Ref: Dorais

Mangittasak Bandage. n. Mangittasalik. He has a bandage.

Manigak    Plain, flat ground.

Manigotinik Humility. n.

Manigunnipuk Comforts someone. Manigupp‰ He consoles, comforts someone.

Manik   Lamp wick (made of striaght moss fibers piles together). n.

Maniksaut   Smoothing plane. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Manimmik Hold the same position. v. Not resist. v. Tame. Manimmituinnajuk. He is not fighting back. Manimmijuk. He is not resisting.

Manitsaik Irons... v. Manitsaijuk. She is ironing.

Manitsaivik   Ironing board. n. ManitsaiviKanngilanga. I don't have an ironing board.

Manitsak   Smooth. v. Ironing. v. Manitsalauguk. Iron it. Manitsagialik. It has to be smoothed over.

Manitsautik Iron. n. Ref: Dorais

Manittak   Lamp wick. n. Manittanga nunguvuk. Its wick is burnt out.

Manittuk   Smooth., Smooth place. n. Manittusiakujok! What a nice, smooth place! kenanga manittusuak. Her face is really smooth.

Manngitunik   Rusty. It is rusty. Manngitunilittuk. It is rusting.

Manngomivuk   Soft snow.

Mannguk Root of hair. n.

Mannik   Egg. n. Pus. n. Manninik napv‰vunga. I found some eggs. Mannilijuk. It is infected.

Mannitotik Bacon. n. Ref: Dorais

Manug‰k   Pass over Kidlapait Mountains.

Manugak   Man-o-war (warship); a loan word from English.

Manuilitak Baby's bib. n. Manuiliakajuk. He is wearing a baby's bib.

Manullivuk   Settles down.

Mapiatilipp‰ Put on so that it overlaps.

Mappapuk   Flat.

Mappik   Turn over. v. Tear. v. Mappigok. Turn it over. kukinga mappijuk. His nail tore open.

Mappilittak   Shingle. n. Mappilittangit pelittut. The shingles are coming off.

Mappilittaujak Clapboard. n.

Mappinga Other side. Mappinga takulauguk. Look at its other side.

Masavuk    Soft snow falls. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mastak Mustard; a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais

Matsak Sleet. n.

Matsojak   Sea scallop (Plactopecten magellanicus). n. Ref: Ittulak

Matsuak Courageous, enterprising. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mattagekkutik Binding, cord around the body to prevent a dog from unharnessing. n. Mattagekkutikkajuk. The dog is wearing a cord to prevent unharnessing.

Mattak Remove outside clothing. v. White whale skin. n. Mattajuk. He took off his coat. Mattatujuk. He is eating white whale skin.

Mattutik    Bandage. n. Mattutikkajuk. He is wearing a bandage.

Matuitsiutik Can or bottle opener. n. Corkscrew. n. Matuitsiutille? Where is the can opener? Matuitsiutilauguk. Open it for her.

Matuk   Close or cover. v. Cover or lid. n. End a sermon or speech. v. Matulauguk. Close it. Cover it. Matunga Kailauguk. Give me the cover. Matuligatta, ominga tutsialautta. Let us sing this in closing.

Matumani   Now, (here in this place or at this time in story). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Maujagak Jump from ice-pan to ice-pan. v. Maujagannguajut. They are jumping ice-pans (for fun).

Maujak   Deep snow. n. Snow in one's boots. v. Deep (snow). Maujauv‰? Is the snow deep? Maujaven? Did you get snow in your boots? Maujasiujuk. He is going through deep snow.

Maun‰ Through here. Maun‰git. Go this way. Maun‰nijuk. He came out through this way.

Maunak Hard dirty skin. n. Maunalik Kungasimmini, immisiaKattanginami. He has dirty skin around his neck because he does not wash properly.

Maunga Here. Put it here. Maunga niujuk. He got off (the plane, etc.) here.

Maunngak   Come here. v. Maunngalaugit. Come over here.

Metvog Wednesday; a loan word from German. Ref: Watts

Miaggok Yelp. v. Kimmiagulak miaggojuk. The puppy is yelping for its mother.

Mianitsijik Shepherd. He is a shepherd. n.

Mianitsik Look after. v. Mianitsijuk. He is looking after the flock.

Migallos‰k Retch. v. Amekuluk, migialluns‰tuinnalittuk. The poor thing is only trying to vomit.

Miggavik?   Long-stalked starwort (Stellaria longipes). n. Ref: Aichen

Migiak Vomit. v. Vomit. n. Migiagasualauguk. Try to vomit it out. Migiag‰lua salummasagialiga. I have to clean up his mess.

Migiannguk Feel nauseated. v. Migianngup‰! I feel nauseated!

Mik Land. v. Mivuk. It landed. Milittuk. It is landing.

Mikiak Bite off pieces with your teeth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mikigak Raw seal meat. n. Mikigattusonguven? Can you eat raw seal meat?

Mikigiak   Animal trap. n. Caught in a trap. v. Mikigiammik nagiattasijuk. He put some bait in the trap. Mikigianniajuk. He is trapping. Mikigiasimajuk. He is caught in a trap.

Mikijuk Small. Mikijukuluk. Very small. Mikiluadlatuk. Too small. Mikinngituk. How tiny! Mikijonngituk. It is not small.

Mikiligak Ring finger. n. Mikiligammini Kitidlimikkajuk. He is wearing a ring on his ring finger.

Mikininga   Smaller part. Its smallness. Mikiningagut nakalauguk. Break it at its smallest part. Tatamivunga mikininganik. I am surprised at its smallness.

Mikinipp‰k   Smallest. kamekka mikinipp‰k. My boots are the smallest.

Mikinits‰k Smaller. Pinnit mikinitsak. It is smaller than yours.

Mikkik   Gnaw. v.

MikKuk Feather. n. Human body hair. n. Ikkagilet aupalutamik mikKulett. The robins have read feathers. MikKuKangituk. He has no body hairs.

MikKutik Sewing needle. n. Tutijuk mikKutimmut. He stepped on a sewing needle. MikKutimmik atuinnutitsijuk. She is getting the sewing needle ready.

MikKutuk   Fluffy dog. n. Kimmiga mikKutuk. My dog has thick fur.

Miksilisik   One that is closest to us , between us and a distant object. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mil‰k Chip. v. Kajottak mil‰vuk. The cup chipped.

Milak Spot. n.

Milik Bedspread. n. Ref: Dorais

Miliunni   Million; loan word from English. Miliunni ungat‰ni. Over a million. Milanianguvunga. I am a millionaire.

Milluak Suck. v. Milluajuk mannimik. He is sucking an egg.

Millugak   Tail fin of a fish. n.

Milluk Keep throwing. v. Millujuk. He is throwing.

Millutik Pitcher. n. MillutiuniakKunga. I will be the pitcher.

Milugatsak Stout (Horse flies and Deer flies (Tabanidae) ). Ref: Ittulak

Milugiak   Sand fly (black fly, Simulium venustum). n. Stout. n. Throw at. v. Milugiannik papvinguvunga. I am sick and tired of the sand flies. Milugiannik itsijuk. She is afraid of stouts. Milugiajuk uvannik. She threw at me.

Miluk   Throw and hit. v. Milunnijuk. He hit something. Milugok. Throw at him and hit him.

Milutsik Suck. v. Slurp. v. Milutsivuk. He sucked it out.He slurped it.He hit someone.

Mimik Caribou's hind leg. n. Mimimmik aittutaujuk. He is given a leg of caribou meat.

Miminnak   Thick root of a tree. n.

Minappuk Takes something home.

Mingigiak   Small fish in general. Mingigianiappuk He fishes for small fish. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mingotik   Paint brush. n. Mingotet salummittut. The paint brushes are dirty.

Minguagutik   Paint. n. MinguagutiKaven? Do you have any paint?

Minguak   Paint. v. Minguagijuk motamminik. He is painting his boat. Mingualauguk. Paint it.

Mingujak Bird lands on the ground. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Minngik Jump over. v. Minngivuk. It jumped over.

Minngittunik Wake of a ship. n.

Minnguisik   Rest. v. Minnguisijut. They are resting.

Minnguk   Black beetle. n.

Minngutuk Tired. v. Minngutuvunga. I am tired. Minngutuven? Are you tired?

Minnigiak   Fish. n.

Minoti Minute; loan word from English. Minotimmik sukkailuatlatuk. It is a minute slow.

Mipvik Airport or airstrip. n. Mipvinganojuk. He is going where it landed. Mipviliujut. They are making an airstrip.

Misaligak Water-soaked snow. n.

Misappuk Smacking noise being made., Eat noisily. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Misappaluppuk. He makes the sound of smacking his lips, or he makes a clapping sound when water is hit with and open hand , or it makes a smacking sound when the fish jumps our ot the water

Misattak    Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). n.

Misiannek   Denial. n.

Misigak Fermented oil from seal fat for dipping with meat or fish. n. MisigaKavise? Do you have any seal oil?

Misiginik Perception. n.

Misik Jump. v. Misivuk. He jumped. Misigasuaven? Are you going to jump?

Misittak Jump up and down. v. Misittajuk. She is jumping up and down. Misittanguajuk. She is skipping (at play).

Misok   Able to land. Namutuinniak misok. It can land anywhere.

Misuk   Dip, plunge into a liquid. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Misutsijok   Dipper. n. Ref: Peacock

Mitanngik   Look cross. v. Mitanngijualuk. He looks cross.

Mitappuk Jokes. v.

Mitautik    Something made fun of.

MitautiKak   Mock. v. MitautiKajuk. He is making fun of someone. Mitautigijak. A person that is mocked.

Mitik Eider duck (Somateria mollissima). n. Mitinniagiajuk. He is gone duck-hunting.

Mitilik Men convered in duck down who live at sea and warm themselves in the sun on the ice in the spring : Inuit traditional belief. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mitilluk Black duck (American balck Duck, Anas rubripes). n. Mitillujuk. He shot a black duck.

Mitilujak Pintail (Northern pintail, Anas acuta). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Mitjuktip‰   Makes him enter a cave, hides him in it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mitsanut   Towards it. Mitsanut uKagasuavunga. I am going to say something to that effect.

Mitsik   Beside a mountain in any direction. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

MitsiK‰ppuk   Real/true.

Mitsilik Who tells the truth, What is the truth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mitsilillik   Closest to us , between a distant object and us. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mitsotik Sewing machine. n. Mitsotimmut akuniungituk pijagegajattuk. It could be finished in no time with a sewing machine.

Mitsuk Sew. v. Mitsutausimajuk. He has been stitched up. Mitsujuk. She is sewing.

Mitsusauk   Dew. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Moggok   Howl. v. Moggojut Kimmet. The dogs are howling.

Mont‰g   Monday; a loan word from German. Ref: Watts

Motak   Motor boat. n. Engine. n. Motor. v. Motalik. He has a motor boat. Motajuk. The motor is running.

Motak‰k    Car or bus. n. Motak‰kkoKauvunga. I came by car.

Motaliupvik   Workshop. n. Ref: Dorais

Motapvik   Engine exhaust. Ref: Dorais

Motuk‰Kavik Garage. n. Ref: Dorais

Movipvik   Theatre. n. Movipviliujut. They are building a theatre.

MuKetsivuk Grinds. v.

Mulik   Nipple. n. Mulekka ‰nniajok. My nipples are sore.

Mumik Turn over. Mumilauguk. Turn it over.

Mumitsimajuk Remains upside down. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mumitsiutik Spatula (egg flipper). Ref: Dorais

Munnguk Lazy. Munngutlatuk. How lazy he is!

Musuk Draft through the door, stove flute. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mutjuk   Sink. v. Mutjuvuk aputimmut. It sank in the snow.

Mutusaikal Motorcyle; a loan word from English.

N  -  n


N‰jok Safety pin. n. N‰jokkajuk. She is using a safety pin.

N‰k End. v. Hook in. v. Stomach. n. N‰vuk piusik. The record is ended. kukinnut n‰vuk. It hooked up on my nail. N‰nga ‰nniajok. Her stomach is sore. N‰kka My body Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

N‰killivuk   Vexed (stomach contracts).

N‰kkigik   Pity. v. Mercy. v. N‰kkigijutsaginngit‰luit. You should have no pity on him. N‰kkigusutuinnagattajuk. He only has mercy on...

N‰la Listen! Hark.

N‰lagiak   Go to listen. v. N‰lagiattok. He has gone to listen.

N‰lak Listen. v. Obey. v. Sapvingani n‰lajuk. He is listening to her chest. N‰laKattalaugit. Learn to obey.

N‰lausijapvik Radio station. n. Ref: Dorais

N‰lautik    Radio. n. Stethoscope. n. N‰lautitt‰vugut. We have gotten a radio. N‰lautinga nillinattuk. His stethoscope is cold.

N‰ligak   Lord. N‰ligavut tus‰sok. Our Lord can hear.

N‰mmak   Fit. v. Enough. v. N‰mmajung? Does it fit? Is it enough?

N‰mmaKik Come at the right time. v. N‰mmaKitsiasiavutit. You came at exactly the right time.You just caught me before I left.

N‰mman‰k Shoot a seal in the right spot. v. N‰mman‰si magami kivingituk. It didn't sink because it was hit in the right spot.

N‰mmasik   Satisfied. v. Enough. v. N‰mmasiven? Are you satisfied? Have you had enough?

N‰nngipuk Hops on one leg. v.

N‰nnguk   Belly-ache. v. Diarrhoea. v. N‰nnguven? Do you have a stomach ache? N‰nngup‰. I have a belly-ache.

N‰piuninnik Manner of mercy. n. N‰piuninniKanngituk. He has no human understanding.

N‰tlek Hook foot and trip. v. Trip up. v. N‰tlev‰nga. He tripped me up. N‰tlenijuk. He tripped up someone.

N‰tsik   Trip up. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

N‰vik Spill. v. N‰vijangen? Did she spill them?

N‰vitsik Spill intentionally. v. Empty. v. N‰vitsijuk natimmut. He emptied it onto the floor. She spilt it on the floor for badness.

Nagaje Frog (Mink frog, rana septentrionalis, found near Hopedale or Northern Leopard Frog, rana pipien found south of Groswater Bay). n. Ref: Peacock

Naggik Break a limb. v. Naggisimajuk. He has broken a limb.

Nagguak    Knuckle, joint. n. Nagguangit KaKutsivut. His knuckles turned white.

Nagguk   Dislike. v. Straight. v. Naggugijaujuk. He is disliked. He is not wanted. Naggujuk niKinnik. He thinks the food is not good enough for him. Nagguvuk. It is straight.

NagguKutik Blueberry bushes. n.

Naggunattuk   Despicable., Unworthy. kamiliuj‰gik naggunattok. The boots she is making are ridiculous (ill-made). Naggunattoving‰? Am I despicable?

Nagiak Attract. v. Bait. n. kenaujaKannin‰tuinnamut nagiasimalittuk. She is hanging around the one with the most money. Nagiatt‰jaga. I put bait on it.

Naijak Incence. n. Ref: Dorais

Naik   Smell. v. Naivuk niliannimik. He smells the stink of flatus.

Naimak   Smell (continuous). Naimaju sunamikiak. She keeps smelling something.

Naina Nine; loan word from German. Nainak. Nine o'clock. NainalialikKuk. It is between eight and nine o'clock. Nainat. Nine of them.

NaipiKunnapuk   Pitied.

Naipitsik   Come across. v. See. v. Naipitsikauvunga allanik, atjinguanik Kinitlunga. I came cross your letter when I was looking for the pictures. Angutinnik naipitsiven? Did you find your husband?

Naittuk   Short. Naittukuluk. Very short. NainnisaKav‰? Is there a shorter piece?

Naj‰tsuk   Sister younger than yourself.

Najak Sister of a boy. n. Najaga Kiajuk. My sister is crying.

Najangak Dozing. v. Najangajuk. She is nearly falling asleep. He is dozed off, sitting.

Najangalak Outside jar (ring sea, pusa hispidal). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett

Najanguak Step-sister of a boy. Ref: Watts

Najuk   Bide by or to stay. v. Skin. v. Najugasuaven? Are you going to stay? Najuniatt‰n? Are you going to skin it?

Najummik   Hold on. v. Najummilauguk, killomittuniagakku. Hold on to it so that I can saw it.

Najummikutak Support. n. Najummikutanga ugguniagani. Make sure its support doesn't fall.

Najuttigik   Possess. v. Najuttigivan? Does he have her with him? Panimminik najuttilik. She has her daughter with her.

Najuttik Thing taken.

Nakak   Break in two. v. Nakatsijuk nuluajammik. He cuts off a piece of string. Nakav‰? Did it break?

Nakasojak?   Arctic campion (Silene involucrata). n. Ref: Aichen

Nakasuk    Bladder. n. Nakasuga anniajuk. I have pain in my bladder.

Nakasunnak Calf of the leg. n. Nakasunnamigut kilijuk. He cut in his calf.

Nakatannak Turnip. n. Nakatannanik niuvigasuajuk. He is going to buy some turnips.

Naket From where? Naket piven? Where did you come from?

Nakilitsik Inconsistent, not fixed. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nakimannik Wind truns in every direction, Versitile, ambiguous. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nakkak   Fall overboard. v. Nakkajuk. He fell overboard.

Nakkasuk Calf of the leg. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

NakKuk Metal end to a cleaning rod for a gun. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nakuajik   Steady at work. v. Nakuajijuk. He is steady at work.

Nakuk Good, without fault strong. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nakullarpuk That is very good, very nice (that it is so). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nakummek   Thank you.

Nakummik Thank. v. Nakumminiakkat. Make sure you thank her. NakutlakKutit Thank you very much.

Nakungak   Squint-eyed. v. Nakungajuk. He is squint-eyed.

Nakutsik   Improved, remade or to get better from an illness. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

NaKit‰gutik Seal skin lash-line or other line or rope used to tie down and load on an Inuit sled. n. NaKit‰gutitsaKanngituk. He has nothing to lash it on with.

NaKitagik   Lash things onto a Kamutik. v. NaKitagitsijuk piKutimminik. He is lashing his things onto the Kamutik.

NaKitik Touch, feel to tell how it is to the touch. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

NaKtautik   Snuff. Ref: Dorais

Nal‰gut   Truly. Nal‰gut uKaven? Are you telling the truth?

Nal‰ni In its direction. Nal‰nettuk napajop. It's in line with the pole. UKautiKalautsimanngituk nal‰ni. He has never said anything about it.

Nalak Lie down. v. Nalajuk illimi. He is lying on the bed.

Nalangaippuk False. v.

Nalauts‰k Try and guess right. v. Nalauts‰jut. They are guessing. Nalauts‰giagutik. Dice for throwing or drawing a number. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nalautsik Guess correctly. v. Nalautsijuk. He guessed correctly.

Nali What is in front of him, facing him. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Naligek   Two equals in size strength or power. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nalikk‰k   Crotch. n. Nalikkailisimajuk. His pants are split in the crotch.

Nalitsap‰   Visits him.

Nallia   Which one of the two? Nallia pigumajat? Which one do you want? Naliat? Which one of these many? Ref: Watts

Nalliggutauk   Worthy of someone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nalligik Love. v. Nalligivagit. I love you.

Nallik‰k    Take turns. v. Between the legs part of a pair of trousers, of a human body the groin area. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Nallik‰tlutik nalautsjut. They are taking turns at guessing.

Nallikak    Come one after another. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin